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I see the green shrubbery out the window, then I have an urge to go outside onto the beach. I open the sliding glass door, then I go down the stairs. I am in the backyard.

In front of me is the walkway that leads to the beach. I go through the walkway onto the sand. The beach stretches out as far as I can see. As I walk forward, my feet touch the water, and now my ankles. The water is cool.

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It feels, it feels soothing in the hot sun. I walk out onto the sand.

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The waves crash at my feet. Where can the waves crashing at your feet make all the difference?

I'm starting to imagine that a mermaid came up on the beach to become my friend. This is the house we stayed in. My mother was making dinner, and my dad and my sister were taking a walk one way, and I was by myself, just waiting for something magical to happen.

Waiting for the Magic

MM: "I drew Hamilton Park. I started imagining a bird with a sword that flew down from the sky and cut it out. And then when people in the future come they build over it, turn it into a playground with a school. The spirit the bird gets happy because the 2-footed people come and make something there for all of the people. There's a place called Clay Butte in North Dakota. To walk to Clay Butte, you have to walk in long, wet grass.

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Sometimes when you get back, your feet feel as wet as if they had been dipped in a cold pool of water! Rob Esposito takes the B61 in from Bensonhurst to go and take care of his aging uncle, he told The Observer. Just as the Observer was about to leave the stop at Forth and Ninth avenues, the irony of all ironies occurred: Two buses came at once.

Waiting for the Magic

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Waiting for the magic : Reflections on a grounded theory study.

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