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For as long as she can remember, the end of October has been the beginning of the Accident Season for seventeen-year-old Cara and her family: cuts, falls and broken bones. A spooky and psychological modern classic with a twist. Before he knows it, Joe is thrust straight through the limelight and into a seat at Number Kevin's just your everyday year-old, obsessed with phones and becoming a secret agent. The only reason readers will put down this book is because they're laughing too much to hold onto it. When Alfie Onion helps his brother Magnifico on a quest to secure a princess wife, things don't quite go as his fairytale-obsessed mother had planned.

A hero does rise - just not the one everyone expected. Seeing the world from the imaginary friend's viewpoint, rather than the child's, sheds fresh light on this familiar yet magical friendship. The stylish, striking, images emphasise its vibrancy against everyday drabness.

Catvinkle's peaceful cat existence is disrupted when her owner brings home Ula the Dalmatian. Against the odds, the pair become pals.

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But how will the other cats react? This accessible introduction to Greek mythology unrolls in one hundred episodes, focusing on the god, Hermes. Adventure on the high seas meets spy thriller: a fantastically executed, exciting must-read. A charming collection of short stories about eccentric Miss Petitfour, who loves adventures and always travels by tablecloth with her sixteen cats.

The story of the wooden puppet who learns goodness and becomes a real boy is famous the world over, and has been familiar in English for over a century. A retelling of 11 Robin Hood stories, from his fight with Little John to the firing of his last arrow in humorous comic-strip format. Author: Publisher: Oxford University Press. Baker Street will forever be associated with the famous pipe-smoking detective and his amiable sidekick Dr Watson. We all know that the dish ran away with the spoon but Mini Grey's new book explores what happened to the nursery rhyme characters next. The New Cut Gang are a rag-tag group of resourceful young rascals who get up to all manner of adventures on the streets of Victorian Lambeth.

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Resourceful junior reporter Tintin embarks on a series of exciting international adventures, accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy, in this favourite series. It's a fast-paced, fun read with amazing visuals that gaming fans will love, as well as anyone else that enjoys a good yarn. An alien boy tries to fit in at his new school on earth in the first in a new series aimed at early readers.

Filled with humour about the yucky stuff Zeke eats, and wonder at the feats he can perform, this inclusive story makes for a very entertaining tale. A hilarious story of an unwanted boy's determination to do good despite the efforts of his dastardly parents. First is the kindest, most trusting boy on the planet, but is born to Katiuscia and Gregor Smirth, two penny-pinching, egocentric parents who hate children and merely wanted him as an heir.

Despite their efforts to teach First that only greed and sel…. Fantastical illustrations complement this exuberant escapade, starring an almost fearless boy who is a tiny bit terrified of the dark. Author: Lucy Saxon Publisher: Bloomsbury. Mona's parents call her Groana because she's sometimes grumpy and loses her temper.

She and her mother have moved out of their home and into a strange flat on the other side of town. Mona doesn't know why, and plans to put things right as soon as possible. At her new school, she reluctantly makes friends with a boy called Mo. Mo knows why the new flat is so …. Moving from the present day to wartime diary and back again, this ultimately uplifting novel illuminates the effects of the fateful events on the lives of those involved and the generations that followed.

Author: Michael Foreman Publisher: Templar.

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Based on a true story, this book is beautifully illustrated and gives the horrors of war a human, and animal, heart. Author: Philip Pullman Publisher: Scholastic. Lyra and Will, the fiesty protagonists from the first two novels, are reunited to embark on their final, dangerous journey on which the future of all the worlds depend. The graphic novel adaptation of the first volume in the best-selling Bartimaeus sequence makes the series more accessible to readers without taking away any of the wit and magic.

This is a thriller suffused with an air of menace, of insecurity, of complex personal tensions and violence. Boogie along with the jungle inhabitants who flap, shake, flap and slide their way through this colourful book. Sam and Bo reveal their pasts in alternate chapters, each gradually facing the dysfunctional relationships and traumatic incidents which have triggered their current unlikely friendship. Shifting between spy thriller and enchanting fantasy, The Apothecary is a skilful blend of the magical with the very real nuclear threat of the s. Oscar's apple tarts bring hope to the sad or desperate.

He is loved and appreciated for this special gift. Meg is his best friend, but just as their friendship is about to blossom into love she has to go to New Zealand for sixth months. When Arianwyn fails her witch's assessment, she thinks her life is over - but, really, the adventure has only just begun. A great adventure story, filled with wonderful spells and mysterious creatures.

Author: Shaun Tan Publisher: Hachette. In this unusual book, we follow a young man as he packs his bags and leaves his family to go and start a new life in another country. David Piper has always been an outsider, labelled a freak by the school bully. Only his two best friends know the real truth — David wants to be a girl. Author: Eric Carle Publisher: Puffin. The little prince is terribly upset; all of his bedtime stories have been stolen!

Luckily detectives Cat, Fox and Bear are on the case. This unusual book tells the dark, often harrowing story of Octavian, a boy in the care of a house of rational philosophers in revolutionary Boston. Rory Rooney is unremarkable in almost everything, apart from his capacity to attract the attention of the school bully. But when he suddenly and spectacularly turns green, he becomes a superhero! Author: Adam Frost Publisher: Bloomsbury. The vibrant infographics bring these facts about the human body to life, and make the book wonderfully fun and colourful.

Have you ever wondered how many muscles you use when you smile, or realised that humans shed three types of tears? If you have ever wondered which animal moves slowest, is the most deadly, or even poos the most — then this is the book for you! Sure to be a hit with fact lovers and animal lovers alike. This is a super cool non-fiction book, a little bit like a small version of the Guinness Book of Records.

Olivia is in the midst of one of the greatest parties ever - her own 17 th birthday party - when she walks in on her best friend Nicola giving birth on her bathroom floor. Fly Pie and Sham are rubbish pickers, who go to the tip every day to pick rubbish for Mother Shelly.

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Then one day they come across a dying man and a baby. When a mysterious bundle arrives on their doorstep they are overjoyed. This determined baby refuses to go to bed.

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Resolved to stay up all night, he takes off in his car to search for like-minded friends. This book's packed with lots of baby pictures and baby items. It's great for learning and making up stories - this fantastic book will lead to lots of talk with your child. Perfect for fans of the Horrible Science series, this colourful book is full of weird and wonderful facts that will release the science enthusiast inside you. This is a wonderful, inventive and playful picture book about two naughty bunnies and their magic tricks, which will delight young readers and their parents alike.

Author: Aaron Blabey Publisher: Scholastic. Written like a comic book, this is a very funny story, full of action and crazy characters. It's lots of fun and will probably make you laugh out loud. Children will enjoy this cheeky tale thanks to Asquith's charming writing and Hedderwick's familiar illustrations.

A lovely way to make learning to read fun. An elderly Great-Grandfather tells his grandson what happened to him during World War II, and it involves a love affair between Bert's sister and a deserter. Author: Publisher: Curious Fox. In some ways Amelie Day is a teenager like any other, much of her day-to-day life revolving around her best friend, school, loyal boyfriend and fretful mother.

However, in other ways, she is rather less typical Author: Sam Bosma Publisher: Nobrow.