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Professor Emeritus, Marine Physical Laboratory
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Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract Based on moored observations and remote sensing data in July and August , energy sources for enhancing turbulent mixing and possible mechanisms of phytoplankton bloom in the continental shelf southeast of Hainan Island under the influence of Washi, a fast-moving and weak tropical storm, are analyzed in this paper. Keywords Tropical storm. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

The Mixing Layer Conundrum

Published by Elsevier B. About ScienceDirect Remote access Shopping cart Advertise Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy policy We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. However, bio-optical profiles may not always be fully homogenized within the mixed layer. The relative timescales of mixing and biological processes determine whether bio-optical gradients can form within a uniform density mixed layer. Vertical profiles of bio-optical measurements from biogeochemical Argo floats and elephant seal tags in the Southern Ocean are used to assess biological structure in the upper ocean.

Within the hydrographically defined mixed layer, the profiles show significant vertical variance in chlorophyll-a Chl-a fluorescence and particle optical backscatter.

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Biological structure is assessed by fitting Chl-a fluorescence and particle backscatter profiles to functional forms i. Results suggest that the timescale between mixing events that homogenize the surface layer is often longer than biological timescales of restratification. We hypothesize that periods of quiescence between synoptic storms, which we estimate to be approximate to days depending on season , allow bio-optical gradients to develop within mixed layers that remain homogeneous in density.

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Storms influence high-latitude oceans by stirring the upper ocean nearly continuously. This wind mixing is usually expected to homogenize properties within the upper layer of the ocean, known as the mixed layer. New water column observations from floats and elephant seal tag confirm homogenization of hydrographic properties that determine density of seawater e.

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  8. Most of the time optical measurements of biological properties within the mixed layer show vertical structure, which is indicative of phytoplankton biomass. These vertical inhomogenities are ubiquitous throughout the Southern Ocean and may occur in all seasons, often close to the base of the mixed layer. Within the mixed layer, observations suggest that biological processes create inhomogenities faster than mixing can homogenize.