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It will enable you to receive and effectively use the prayer language of the Spirit as well as penetrate into the deeper depths of the supernatural realms of God made possible through the consistent, resolute, and qualitative use of this gift. Through this book, you will discover why and how to fully embrace and tap into the powerful weapon of prayer and dominion made available to us today— the baptism of the Holy Spirit—with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

She opines that the glory is an equalizer which lifts people from obscurity to limelight, and from shame and degradation to honour and fulfilment in life. No matter who you are and where you are, this book shows you how you can experience first-hand the glory of God in your life sustainably. Just one moment in the glory can turn your trash to treasure, and the worst of your days to be the best of your days.

From Lo-debar to the Palace gives you fresh insight into the meaning and transforming power of divine covenant. Fiiriter shows you the amazing scope and power of their covenant relationship, while at the same time pointing your attention to a far more superior covenant relationship we have with God through the shed blood of Jesus. One thrust of favour coming your way, one encounter with the King, one vital covenant relationship in your life, can bring ultimate restoration in your life, transition you from grass to grace, and from Lo-debar lowly position to the palace.

She also reveals major factors that trigger off the extravagant goodness of God so that people can adequately position themselves to daily receive it. She leaves the reader with the conviction that God is good all the time regardless of their circumstances, and His extravagant goodness can be accessed by all. You can be who God wants you to be — a vessel in His hand so that He can accomplish divine purposes through you.

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This is to enable people to fully tap into this great spiritual Resource Person for good. I also desire to provoke a fresh hunger in people to desire day-to-day personal, life-transforming encounters with the Holy Spirit that will transform their lives from one degree of glory to another. I want to help believers to behold and experience the character and authentic dynamic cutting—edge glorious ministry of the Holy Spirit so they can do the great works of God on the earth from a pure heart. In addition, I expect the unsaved to be saved as they read this book and countless numbers to be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, and be ultimately empowered to do the works of God on earth—praying effectively, saving the lost through effective evangelism, healing the sick, setting captives free, and doing other great exploits for God.

It is my goal, in this book, to show people who the Holy Spirit truly is, and what He can do in and with a life totally yielded to Him.

Live Free! Encounter the Anointing of the Holy Spirit in Fresh New Ways!

Fiiriter throws fresh light on understanding your bitter and difficult seasons of life. She shows you the uncommon benefits of the wilderness so you can gainfully maximize your life today regardless of its seemingly unexplainable, bitter, irritating, frustrating, limiting, painful, degrading, and traumatic nature.

Learn how to locate and taste the honey in your wilderness and enjoy life today while anticipating a better future. You cannot plan to have a glorious future if you are afraid to maximize today. What made King David unique before God? What made him an extraordinary person and leader?

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What exactly distinguished him from all other kings and leaders of Israel, and in the world we live in today? How did he earn a world-class ageless reputation? Why did God call him a man after His own heart?

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What can people of all ages and nations learn from David? Apostle Ifeoma R. You will receive keys that will help you interpret your dreams and visions, eliminating the confusion and anxiety that sometimes arise from lack of understanding these means of supernatural communication. In addition, you will also be equipped to pray effectively over your dreams and visions, destroying satanic devices, and enjoying the victory and other blessings God destined for you.

Learn how to overcome the confusions, anxieties, and frustrations that confront you when you want to wait on God in prayer.

Learn how to enter into the rest of God where His awesome presence overwhelms your life as your spirit communes intimately with Him in an atmosphere of prayer. It is a practical tool for establishing the kingdom of God i.

How to Experience Breakthrough - Watch Now - Free Notes

Avail yourself of tested keys and prayers that will give you access into your dream world. You can establish the kingdom of God on earth, bringing all things under His influence, ruler-ship, control, and mastery—this book shows you how. No matter your present situation, this book will empower you for total victory and dominion in life. Are you caught up in a web of confusion and spiritual blindness in your spiritual walk? Do you desire to effectively access the spirit realm and download information from there for your good and that of others?

Ifeoma Fiiriter unveils the tremendous power of spiritual perception in various areas of life, showing you how you and others can maximise it for your benefit. She identifies symptoms and dangers of spiritual blindness, showing you the best way out of the malady. She also provokes you, and the church at large, to develop a closer walk with God in order to effectively see into the spirit realm and fulfil your destiny Paperback: pages Publisher: Favour Land Publications 30 July ISBN ISBN Maximizing The Fruit And Gifts Of The Holy Spirit is a mentoring tool for any believer who wants to fully understand, cultivate, and effectively manifest the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their life for good.

Do you struggle to understand the subject of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are you confused about their place and role in your life? Do you want your life to be a true reflection of the nature of Jesus Christ evidenced in the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit? Do you desire to have uncommon access into the secrets and revelations of Almighty God that can distinguish you on the earth? Do you feel called into the five-fold ministry gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, and want to know how to function effectively in these offices?

Do you want insight into the other vast array of the gifts of the Holy Spirit prepared by the Father for you to tap into for your good and that of others? Do you desire to be trained so you in turn can mentor others effectively in the operation of these unique gifts of the Holy Spirit? Now is the time for you to get activated by the Holy Spirit to function effectively in the supernatural ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ! This book shows you how!

Through this book, you can eliminate all the clutter, confusion and difficulty relative to understanding the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life. You will be equipped to powerfully operate in these dimensions to the glory of God. Prayer is the lifeline of the believer in Christ Jesus, and should be their lifestyle too! Fiiriter pragmatically shares powerful revelation and insights on the subject of breakthrough prayer, covering prayer and its meaning, the prayer of faith, vital keys for answered prayer, major Biblical prayer role models, 36 benefits of prayer, and much more.

Learn how to taste of the glory of God and bask in the refreshing power of His presence from where your impossibilities are made possible. This book will show you how to walk in daily rhythms of miracles through the weapon of extravagant praise and worship.

The Breaker Anointing

God created man for fellowship with Him. God is calling us to experience a deeper level of intimacy with Him through pure, extravagant, unadulterated, glorious times of praise, worship and thanksgiving in His presence. In a witty, un-equivocal, and didactic manner, Rev. Drawing from both biblical and real-life examples, she takes you on a journey which raises your level of expectation and stirs your faith up to reach out for any miracle you need from the Lord.

Fiiriter by the Holy Spirit over a period of 20 years. This resource is suitable for individuals, families, leaders, churches, ministries, businesses, schools, nations, etc.


Some depict revival and glory outpouring cultures, consecration, devotion, healing, deliverance, spiritual warfare and breakthroughs. These songs, whether sung or read, carry unusual grace about them that make them life-transformers to people. Allow the Holy Spirit to enlarge your capacity to worship God, receive from the glory, and impact your world from that realm through this Songbook.

You are marked by God with a special destiny. It is your duty to discover what your destiny is and reach out to possess it. The choices and decisions you make in life are crucial in determining whether or not you taste your grapes of destiny. Through careful exposition of salient truths, Ifeoma Fiiriter in this powerful life-changing book, Tasting Your Grapes of Destiny: Prime Factors to Consider, shows you how to overcome obstacles in the pathway to your destiny.

She also equips you with potent supernatural keys to enable you taste your grapes of destiny, so you in turn can help others taste theirs. Fiiriter, is a very practical, inspirational, anointed, enlightening and impactful expose on the subject of divine favour. It helps you to understand what divine favour is, and how powerful it is!

It shows you how to walk in continuous flow of favour and operate from that realm, fulfilling your destiny and impacting your generation to the glory of God. First steps are vital in life. In this book, Rev. Ifeoma Fiiriter poignantly offers practical guidelines to enable you effectively and victoriously live as a believer, once and for all answering the question, What do I do now that I am saved?