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These relationships, these contracts, are to discover where we are in our lessons of self. It is often the yardstick that measures our personal development, which is why they are so vitally important. These types of love relationships are also excellent in the mini lessons department because it shows where one is as related to truth, integrity and trustworthiness or any number of other core traits. Dangerous loves are strong and binding contracts. Many relationships are not dangerous love relationships but we want to pretend they are to keep us from having to truly work through a real one.

We set up the stage for drama and negative passion and call it love. We take the easy out. It is all wrapping paper and no gift. This is soul sabotage that will always cripple other areas of the life, which is a great indicator that you have taken an out and it was only a pop quiz that you turned it into an essay question to avoid something important.

What should have taken five minutes takes much longer to get through and often becomes very tangled indeed. Dena Moore gives an excellent definition of Dangerous Love. If you have spent many lives with another person, both positively and negatively, you will feel familiar with that soul. So we have many different types of love in our lives and many souls we know and remember on some level. A passionate, dangerous love develops when two souls love each other and have for centuries. There is usually some tragedy that occurred in a past life that severed the relationship in a very unusual or painful manner—often one of the partners died a dramatic death.

In subsequent lives, the two souls avoid each other choosing not to incarnate at the same time, or one soul simply refuses to come back to this plane for a very long time , thus setting up a karmic tug of war between them. They want to be together, long to be together, yet the pain is powerfully strong and often guilt is a major issue that keeps them apart. Buried past life memories invade the subconscious when the two souls are together and makes one or both partners feel as if they will die if they stay in the relationship or die if they stay out of it—the ego feels it is safer to sever the ties that bind rather than work through it.

Anger can become a factor of this, as repressed fear often escapes in such a manner. They are part of our soul family but not part of our soul in the way that helps us develop greater awareness of our God Self and more deeply define our capacity to love. They just give us opportunities to more deeply define drama or assist us in self-sabotage. Ultimately they do not assist us in any way other than giving us a distraction when the going gets rough and it is time to get real. We take what should have been a weekend retreat and convince ourselves to turn it into a way of life.

8 Different Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks

A way that will lead us nowhere, or at least nowhere the soul truly desires to go or benefits in going. These individuals love us on a soul level enough to give us an out even when it is in our best interest to dig deeper into ourselves and finish the contract we originally set so we can achieve that soul satisfaction and feeling of completeness. They allow us to escape when our higher good would have been served by discovering what it is that keeps us from the Great I AM within.

Thus generating more karma to clean up in future lifetimes.

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Look deeply at your life and your growth when in or reviewing past love relationships. When gathering our keys for intentional living we must remember to remain clear in our purpose and intent. Make peace with yourself if you turned a pop quiz into an essay question and you feel like you wasted valuable time.

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Forgive yourself and move on. Take it as a lesson and take it to heart never to repeat it again. Identify what you learned about yourself and the world, and be thankful for the opportunity. Alternately, commit to finish out the contract you may be in or have run away from. These unfinished love relationships too often have cords that are attached to our day to day life that makes it impossible to move forward with ease and grace for these cords act like elastic bands and keep drawing us back. These cords can show up as day dreams, psychic connections or dreams of the individual at night.

They can also show up as locks, or blockages in your day to day life. Clear these contracts, live out the karma and then you can move on. When you clear these old contracts you will find the keys to unlock the blockages in your life. I don't know which one I heard first because I burnt it to listen to on my way home.

I love it. The fourth release for Drum Records courtesy of South African producer Divine DJ and house music diva Nicole Mitchell titled "Dangerous love" is a sure fire bullet guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor as Nicole Mitchell's uplifting vocals, delectable jazzy keys, heavenly synth melodies and fiery percussive rhythms create an irresistible vibe you can't resist to dance to. Steve Stone I like it Miguel Mancha's Remix does it for me with my girl Nicole delivering it as usual!!

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Scott Diaz Homeplates remix for me mate, will be spinning this for sure. That one gonna draw some attention.

Part 2. Love Quotes That Are…

I must say it is in great credit to this release and beyond raw luck that the quality of remix production and the conceptual earnestness of all the remixers is standing head and shoulders over the average digital package. Top mentions to Berny for a mix that sounds like it scraped the under belly of mid eighties Stock Aitken Waterman and kept the raw materials deliciously raw. It among my favorite things: that feel. Gorgeously Groovy. Mark De Meo and Tony Moretto take the feel of a Blue Note sampled Hammond loop approach and place it in the heart of "textural tech" landscape think Terry Lee Brown and Greg Parker with a soft but insistently driving beat. Bonus is the prominent "tink" sound in their mix I have a thing for "tinks" and rattling sounds in mixes. Centering his atmospherics on a fierce groove of reggae-influenced bassline and the most uncanny arrangement of cymbals and kicks. When he strips down to beat, it's as though he's playing sleight of hand with the percussive sounds: they seem to change as they are exposed.

Divine DJ feat. Nicole Mitchell - Dangerous Love (Homeplates Deep & Soulful Remix)

He places firm emphasis on vocal and story and adds cinematic incidental passages to emphasize the spoken portions. Just the slightest essence of William Orbit tops off his recipe.

The complexity of this man's approach to his craft is sure to get him noticed. Really liking the Homeplates Mix for the Soulful vibe In the wallet! Love nicole's vocals in this! Placidic Dream and Homeplates mixes are the ones for me! In the radio show, thanks! Kevin Phillip Hi Chris, Hope you're well mate, cheers for this! Loving the Spiritual Blessings mix!! Will definitely be playing it on my show! Marco Barone Hi Chris Thx for the promo! The Homeplates Remix is my favourite!

Great soulful tune with the amazing voice of Nicole Mitchell! L - Sounds of Lee A good selection of mixes to choose from here but Spirital Blessing mix is the one for me followed closely by Homeplates mix, will be supporting Many Thanks Arkay Hey Chris This is the best Drum release yet, really like it. Actually having a tough time choosing a fave mix! Proper House music with bags of retro appeal. I can see this doing very well mate. Cheers for sending.

Make My Name Groove Addix feat. Jacqui George Bump Trax.