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Jamil has been open about her struggle with eating disorders and the pain and pressure often felt by women and girls from body shaming. With an uncanny knack for taking serious topics racism, rape culture, sexism, police brutality, etc.

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At SBA we make creator-driven comedy podcasts by providing a platform to unique, exciting talent and amplifying their voices to create high-quality comedic content. New on Starburns! The Koy Po n d Jo Koy welcomes friends and fellow comedians to share their hilarious insights on a wide variety of topics. The PatDown Comedian and author Ms. Featured Podcasts Jam Space.

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El Cine. Dumb, Gay Politics.

The PatDown. Small Doses with Amanda Seales. Dumb People Town. Glowing Up. Mueller, She Wrote. Natch Beaut. The Koy Pond with Jo Koy. Never Seen It. Inside the Closet. The Boogie Monster.

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We're here to absolve your guilt about using your gadgets in nature. How do different animals sleep? What are the consequences of insufficient sleep?

This guy explains it all — in more and less accessible ways. It's got big-money polish, but it's also rife with issues that make it irredeemably frustrating to play. Thirty-four million US adults report knowing someone who has died in the past five years who did not receive needed treatment due to their inability to pay for it. Scientists are renaming an object whose previous, informal name, Ultima Thule, had links to the Third Reich. This high-end, p HD security camera boasts AI-enhanced features like facial recognition and night vision to help you always keep an eye on your home.

Churpi yak cheese is the hardest cheese in the world — what is it like to eat this unusual food? These mugshot portraits — we'd call them pictures but their style demands more — are part of "special photographs" taken by New South Wales Police Department photographers between and The Singles' Day event hauled in record sums of money in a dazzling display of Chinese consumerism.

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But all is not as it seems. Having a hard time eating healthy while away from home? Meet BlendJet One — the world's most powerful portable blender. Sign up for Digg's morning newsletter, get the most interesting stories of the day directly to your inbox every morning.

When the highest authority on cheating is compromised, what happens to athletes who play by the rules?

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You've seen them tagged on merchandise in many stores but a lock picking expert reveals they're actually easy to get off in a snap. On Wednesday, Ambassador Bill Taylor and deputy assistant secretary of state George Kent testified in a public impeachment hearing before the House Intelligence Committee. New documents obtained by Motherboard show why the FBI raided the Area 51 insider's scientific supply company.

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Once you understand how VC firms make money, it becomes clear why firms can afford to buy those tables for their fancy offices on Sand Hill Road. Apparently this is a member of the Vietnamese special police using his trachea?! That explains…nothing. Three physicists stumbled across an unexpected relationship between some of the most ubiquitous objects in math. Existential therapy explores the darkest corners and craggy edges of the many-sided self. The result is true transformation. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus's Glickenhaus Boot is an off-roader specifically built to run riot through the desert.

The "Frozen" star and the late night host sing an incredible medley of the greatest Disney songs. While there's controversy surrounding the Starlink satellites, you can't deny this guy's enthusiasm.

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How the MV Lyubov Orlova, a cruise ship named for a Soviet movie star, met its end as a "cannibal rat-infested ghost ship" in the Atlantic. How does AI navigate a morally insoluble situation? Upgrade the storage on your smartphone, Nintendo Switch or camera with this spacious half-terabyte micro SD card.

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Apple's credit card is being investigated for the discriminatory algorithm Apple and Goldman Sachs use to determine credit limits. Politicon is like Twitter come to life, and it exposed me to the dangerous political emptiness haunting America. How is the English muffin's gorgeous, fluffy, superior sister made?

Welcome to Warburtons, Europe's biggest bakery. For "maladaptive daydreamers," the fantasy worlds they generate gradually usurp reality — and going cold-turkey is an even worse option.

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As you fly home for Thanksgiving, the last thing you want to think about is a medical emergency on the plane. But what happens if someone gets sick on a flight? This is one of those things that you don't need to know until the moment when you do need to know it. In , when the screenwriter Scott Z.

With Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video already on the market, how can you choose between streamers? Here's a breakdown of each service's pros and cons. It has new processors, better speakers, and a larger screen.