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No More Boring English Classes: 5 Ways to Make Studying Fun

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6 Fun Study Tips (No Really!)

Why is it important to follow these tips? Yet many people learn to like spicy foods because they become a learned association with other rewarding treats like salsa, curry or kimchi. Eventually the spice that was previously painful may even be addictive, as you seek spicier foods and avoid blander ones.

Studying is a mentally strenuous activity that often involves frustration by default. This is made worse because this mildly difficult task can be associated with painful associations. Test anxiety.

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Negative feedback from teachers and peers. Boredom in school. However, if you can pair studying with sufficiently rewarding activities, a different association can begin to develop. Now instead of feeling anxious, bored or frustrated, you can start to feel excited, interested and enthusiastic.

After all, you know you can just skip one to get the other. Also, needing to reward yourself each time you do a little studying can delay the whole process enough that now new anxieties form about your lack of productivity.

And One More Thing…

Every subject sits in a nexus of millions of connections to everything else in the world. Seeking out and fostering those connections can help you cultivate an interest. Making the effort to see how something dull applies to something interesting can make all the difference in making studying enjoyable. Progress itself is inherently rewarding. When you start to connect actions with progress, then this itself can be intrinsically reinforcing.

How to Enjoy Studying | Scott H Young

Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out so much, in part, because he enjoyed the feeling of soreness in his muscles after a workout. In his mind, that minor pain became so connected to the muscular growth he sought after, that it started to feel good every time he did it. Similarly, if you track your progress and visualize it, you can make studying a more enjoyable task.

Why Indians should NOT study Engineering - Stand-up comedy by Manoj Prabakar

When I was studying languages, nothing would make me happier than clearing my Anki count for the day. I would often set the new words as a countdown so I had a goal to clear them out. This one may sound backwards.


The reason is that many people get into a low-confidence spiral. This, in turn, makes it hard for them to study properly so they do badly and thus deepen the spiral. Creating self-initiated studying projects can get you out of this by removing the source of negative feedback. Human beings like challenging mental tasks. Solving Sudoku or crossword puzzles is something many people do for fun, but if the same tasks were packaged into a classroom, many of the same people would hate doing them.

The reason is that the future performance evaluation, the need to study and the only semi-voluntary nature of the activity can stifle any natural enjoyment. Therefore, one of the most powerful ways you can learn to enjoy studying is to, paradoxically, focus on the studying itself. Become curious about how they work, rather than feeling burdened with the obligation to learn them. Human beings learn through play. None of these steps will take you from hating something to loving it overnight.