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No longer is it limited to a simple look at the rank of defenses against the NFL Fantasy Football held another mock spectacular this week, a team PPR draft that included both in-house analysts and friends from other sites on the The NFL Draft will go down as one of the deepest in recent memory at the running back position.

A total of 30 were selected, and more than a third have been predicted to make an immediate impact on some level in the world of fantasy football That can often be true in the world of sports, where one season of greatness creates heightened expectations for what the future might hold. Look at Brady Anderson, Predicting the future is hard. Come on, do you think even the great seer Nostradamus could have foreseen the fantasy impact of Tyreek Hill last season?

I think not! Whether with real-life events or sports, you're going to have your share of good an Out of the tens of millions of people who participate in fantasy football, most play in re-draft leagues. That's where you select a new roster before each season. Many of the diehards or fantasy nerds like me also participate in leagues that more Well that's all we need, baby, don'tcha know? The Red Wedding episode of "Game of Thrones.

The ending of the movie "The Sixth Sense. That scen Where did the first five months of the year go? That's right, we're already in the middle of June. The dog days are here.

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This is the time that NFL players, personnel and employees begin their summer breaks ahead of the start of training camps. What were the contents of Marsellus Wallace's briefcase in "Pulp Fiction?

Whether you're looking for which place kicker won an NFL MVP Mark Moseley, , why cilantro tastes like soap to me it could be genetic or what is covfefe? So is t It's time to mock again, friends. NFL Fantasy Football held its second mock draft 12 teams of the offseason on June 9, and it started like most drafts these days do The first 30 picks were backs We're going to see a similar sort of mindset in the world of fantasy football next season as a number of young players seem p All carries aren't created equally, at least not in the world of fantasy football.

Sure, it's great for your running backs to see plus rushing attempts per game. But where do those attempts really count when it comes to fantasy football scoring Red Zone Green Zone Touchdowns are king in fantasy football. When your players reach the promised land now with touchdown celebrations included! So it only makes sense to research which teams enter the red zone insid Carries Targets Fantasy football is all about the stats, right? It's not rocket science NFL pl Most of the top free agents have signed and the NFL Draft is now in the rearview mirror, so we have a much clearer picture when it comes to how NFL rosters are going to look this summer.

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With that said, now is the perfect time for another one-ma The Big Uglies. The Men Down in the Trenches.

Whatever you call them, NFL offensive linemen don't get a whole lot of respect in the world of fantasy football. However, your favorite superstars wouldn't have as much of a chance at putting up big num Full mock results Fabiano's analysis Frelund's analysis The NFL Fantasy folks held their first mock draft for the season this week, and man was it odd. Very odd. How odd, you might ask? Well, Kirk Cousins didn't get drafted.

If we have learned anything in recent seasons, it's that rookies can make an instant impact both in the stat sheets and in fantasy football. So, who ha Marshawn Lynch is going to be back Quarterbacks Running backs Wide receivers Tight ends The National Football League has a strength of schedule formula that's simple to understand How can you possibly forecast a player's full value before we know what team he's on?

Case in point, let's look back at last season's class of running backs Whether you're the general manager of an NFL franchise or the owner of a fantasy football team, there's nothing quite like hitting a home run in the first round of your draft. It can often be the difference between a team that competes for a league c Did you select Todd Gurley in the first round of your fantasy football draft last season? Don't feel too bad, because NFL teams h While traditional scoring leader lists offer a This one is for fantasy fanatics who can't wait to dra The NFL's free agency frenzy doesn't just affect those fantasy players who are on the move for next season.

There are also collateral scenarios that arise for teams that either acquired or lost talented assets. Here's a list of players who haven't ch The NFL's free agency frenzy has seen a number of big-name wide receivers change teams, but the impact has been far less significant at both the quarterback and running back positions at least to this point. With that being said, here's the early f So, how often has a backup quarterback with limited starts under his belt gone to a different team as the starter and fallen flat on his face?

The first name that comes to mind is Brock Osweiler, who "earned" a king's ransom based on a short resume d The running back position saw a massive re-emergence in the world of fantasy football last season, and a major part of it had to do with personnel changes around the league. Deshone Kizer. Leonard Fournette. Dalvin Cook. Christian McCaffrey. Mike Williams. These are just a few of the names on a long list of rookies who will be thrown at fantasy football enthusiasts over the next several weeks. You're going to hear all From the start of free agency and the trade period March 9 to the NFL Draft April , we're about to see a lot of players signed, released and drafted.

That also means a whole lot of I haven't done one of these one-man, five-round mock drafts in awhile. How long has it been, you might ask? Well, Adrian Peterson was worth a first-round selection. Barack Obama was still the President of the United States. Orange wasn't the new Fantasy points can deceive us. Case in point, Terrelle Pryor enjoyed a "breakout" season, posting 77 catches for 1, yards as a full-time wide receiver in Cleveland.

What offseason? Fantasy football has become a day-a-year passion for NFL fans, and the actual season is almost upon us. As we're now in the thick of fantasy draft season, here's my latest list of the Top fantasy players for Tom Brady will go down as the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

Fantasy footballers also looking for that final championship have one more week to indulge thems The contest, which the NFC won , I mean, look at me. So it's with great disappointment that I won't b Kurt Warner. Josh Hamilton. Tommy John. Garrison Hearst. Robert Downey Jr. What do these people all have in common? Each experienced great career revivals. Louis Rams allowed Alright you made the right move, but still I feel for you, but the p I grew up in the state of Connecticut, worked at Watertown Golf Club for 10 years and was at one point a five handicap.

I've been pretty much obsessed with sports since I was about seven, and I've been a diehard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and New York All right you made the right move, but still I feel for you, but the The fantasy football season was all about the running backs, as the position thrived almost across the board.

During the course of the fantasy campaign, eight different runners reached the point mark. That's six more than in All starts and sits are based on standard scoring leagues. Obvious fantasy starters like David Johnson and Antonio Brown will no Obvious fantasy starters like Cam Newton and Antonio Brown will not b Obvious fantasy starters like Ezekiel Elliott and Antonio Brown will Obvious fantasy starters like Ezekliel Elliott and Antonio Brown will Obvious fantasy starters like Cam Newton and David Johnson will not b I'm a running backs kind of dude.

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There, I admit it. Full mock results Fabiano's team breakdown "Built around a stacked bevy of backs, Fabiano is poised for a championship What does it me Imagine if you will, a fantasy football world with no busts. What a wonderful concept. Well friends, you might not know it, but you're living in that world right now The reason for this I haven't done one of these one-man, round mock drafts in awhile.

Well, I was excited to see "Suicide Squad" at the time of the last mock. Now, not so much. Tom Brady wasn't suspended. Neither was Le'Veon B Team-by-team results Fabiano's breakdown Another day, another mock draft. This one was an auction, which is less popular than serpentine drafts over most of the fantasy sports landscape but still a lot of fun nonetheless.

If you're a QB projections RB projections WR projections TE projections It seems like just last preseason that we were talking about how thin the tight end position was, right? Well, that's because it was just last preseason. Fantasy tight QB projections RB projections WR projections TE projections The wide receiver position has become more important than ever around the world of fantasy football. In a league that throws the football more often than ever, and in som Superman: Dawn of Justice" of the fantasy football world. We used to love the principle characters, but now Full mock results Team-by-team breakdown Fabiano's mock breakdown Another day, another mock draft.

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Our latest mock was a team standard league that included a bunch of NFL Digital Media folks and some analysts from other sites tha Well, here we go again One season removed from missing 10 games, including two for a suspension, Le'Veon Bell is now facing a four-game ban for skipping drug tests. Unless there's a successful appeal, Bell is no longer in the mix as the No. I wanna take care of ya, I wanna make sure that all this beep that happened to me doesn't happen They're just more fun, and you can argue that such scoring systems highlight a player's full skil Full mock draft results Team-by-team analysis Fabiano's mock analysis There are some mock draft teams that you like, and there are some mock draft teams that you don't like.

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Back in May, we held our first mock draft of the seas I'm a child of the ss, so some of my earliest memories of Hollywood include the original "Star Wars", "Rocky" and "Grease. One of the most popular songs in that historic flick was calle I'm a child of the ss damn I'm getting old and a huge fan of movies, so some of my earliest memories of Hollywood include the original "Star Wars", "Rocky" and "Grease.

Seeing her in t It's been a long offseason friends, but we are inching closer and closer to the start of training camp and the excitement that comes with the dawn of a new NFL and fantasy football season. Maybe it's the start of that excitement, or maybe it's the Earlier this week, I wrote about "the theory of regression" and how it has affected running backs the season after scoring double-digit touchdowns for the first time in their careers Suffice it to say, the research didn't elicit a whole The theory of regression towards the mean states that if a variable is extreme on one measurement, it will generally be closer to average on subsequent measurements.

Similarly, if the variable is extreme on secondary measurements, it was generally cl Anything you need to know about -- from "who was the 33rd President of the United States? Truman to "why does cilantro taste like soap to me?