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Leadership in A Quantum Age

These aspects help to provide a mental picture of your thinking in an attempt to define the context of the situation. The situation may be likened to past events in an attempt to make sense of the problem and to search for possible solutions within your repertoire. Ask yourself: What has worked for me in similar situations I have encountered in the past, and how is this situation different? Once you have searched for routine approaches or identified possible approaches based on reasoning through similar past experiences, predictions are made and a number of possible approaches created.

The approaches are then systematically tested with subsequent observation and further testing. The final stage involves reviewing the actions taken and the consequences. Ask yourself and others involved: Do I you feel this situation has been successfully resolved? If the approach was successful, the instance is stored for future retrieval in similar situations.

If the approach was not successful, the problem may be reframed and the process repeated. Communication occurs within the context of awareness. To effectively communicate what you are thinking, you must be aware of what you are thinking. The Awareness Wheel as described by Miller, Sherod, and Phyllis provides a tool for tuning into yourself and becoming more self-aware. I use the Awareness Wheel to help reflect and process the situation. Ask yourself: What am I sensing? What am I feeling? What am I thinking? What am I willing to do?

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What am I unwilling to do? It is important to take the time necessary to ask yourself these questions. Sometimes it takes days to get to genuine answers. You may have to keep asking the questions until you can move past strong emotions such as anger or resentment. Emotions are valuable tools that guide us to what we are thinking.

Once you have reflected on and are able to honestly and fully answer these questions, share your concerns and responses to the above questions with the other person s in a direct and nonthreatening way. Use of the language in the questions above encourages balanced ownership and enhances connection. The Awareness Wheel provides a tool for monitoring your own self-awareness, expanding your thoughts, and listening attentively to others for resolving problem situations.

Another prerequisite to working effectively with others is to know your own unique gifts and talents. This involves personal exploration. Strengths Finder is an assessment that helps you to identify your talents and provides hundreds of strategies for building them into strengths.

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The book can be read in one sitting and the test can be taken online in 30 minutes. The approach emphasizes how to apply, practice, and refine your strengths as well as those around you. This personalized development guide helps you to align your job and goals with your natural talents.

Why cultivate reflective thinking?

It includes recommendations and guidelines related to reflective practice that are useful to individual clinicians, nursing leaders, healthcare organizations, institutions, educators, and health care consumers. It includes a comprehensive bibliography of resources on the scholarship of reflective practice. This resource paper describes definitions of reflection and reflective practice and their historical context, methods, processes, applications, benefits, and limitations. Recommendations are made to promote reflective practices in nursing worldwide.

Reflective leadership involves a commitment to the ongoing process of continual and sustained critical self-awareness and development, as well as facilitating this complex process in others.

So, how do you do this? As a reflective leader, share your reflective thoughts with others and invite them to consider things as well. Enter into relationships with others without presenting a front or pretense, but instead being self-aware. I use the feelings that are available to me, allow myself to experience these feelings, and communicate them when appropriate. This type of real and genuine approach supports an even playing field and conveys that I value other persons and their contributions.

I think of it as a way to encourage others through my own supported reflective practice.

Reflective leadership involves listening in order to learn from others. This listening necessitates an openness to others that is vital to human understanding and response. Listening fully and reflectively is not obtained without effort; it is a skill and art that must be practiced, discussed, and refined. Reflective leaders listen to stories from nurses and patients, and they discuss and reflect on how these stories can enhance and transform nursing practice and health care. A story invites us to search for significance. Stories provide information about what works and what does not work.

Discussing and reflecting on stories enhances, transforms, and enables us to incorporate changes into our practice. Over the years, I have found this process allows me to not only share my concerns, but often brings underlying and hidden issues to the surface for both me and others involved.

Then, each of us develops a broader perspective, a greater sense of understanding, and a renewed appreciation for each other. Shots were fired and arrows flew heavily, but in the end nobody was injured and the Nauset fled back into the woods. The Pilgrims continued their expedition around Cape Cod, eventually ending up in the abandoned Patuxet territory, where they decided to settle the area had been named Plymouth by John Smith on his mapping expedition.

The Pilgrims lived out of the Mayflower , and ferried back and forth to land to build their storehouses and living houses: they labored all through the winter months of December, January, February, and didn't start moving entirely to shore until March. And during that entire time, they saw almost no signs of any Indians, aside from a few fires burning in the far distance. On March 16, they got a surprise: an Indian named Samoset walked right into the Colony and welcomed them in broken English. Samoset was from an Indian group in Maine, and had picked up a few English words from the fisherman that came into the harbors there.

He informed them there was an Indian, Tisquantum, who had been to England and could speak better English than he could. Tisquantum made his first appearance on March 22, at which time he brought Massasoit and Quadequina. The Pilgrims used the opportunity to negotiate a peace treaty and to establish trading relations.

Tisquantum would soon become an integral member of the Plymouth Colony, translating and negotiating between Plymouth's governors John Carver, and later William Bradford and tribal leaders including Massasoit. Peace was made with the Nauset, with whom they had their initial conflict on Cape Cod; and peace was negotiated with a number of other Indian leaders within the Wampanoag Confederation. Tisquantum was a guide, taking the Pilgrim ambassadors to various locations, and helping them establish trading relations. He also taught the Pilgrims how to better utilize the natural resources: how to catch eels, and how to plant corn using fish caught from the town brook as fertilizer.

But Squanto's new-found power soon began to corrupt him.

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He realized that the Indians had a significant fear of the English, especially their guns and technology. He leveraged this fear for his own private benefit, exacting tributes to put in a good word for someone, or by threatening to have the English release the plague against them. Squanto even went so far as trying to trick the Pilgrims into a show of military action, by claiming certain Indian groups were in conspiracy together to fight the English: but he went too far, and his treachery was discovered by both the Pilgrims and the Indians.

When Massasoit learned that Squanto was abusing his power and deceiving for personal gain, he ordered the Pilgrims to turn him over for punishment death. The Pilgrims were obligated to do so, by the peace treaty they had signed: but at the same time they realized that the survival of their Colony depended on communication with the Indians.

Quantum Leap on Reserve Estimates

But Massasoit had called their hand, and William Bradford was minutes away from turning Squanto over for execution, when a ship came onto the horizon. Not knowing whether it was friend or foe, and even suspecting that perhaps the Indians were in conspiracy with the French, Bradford refused to turn over Squanto until the identity of the ship was discovered. China E-mail: sunny mail. However, their self-absorption and agglomeration significantly decrease their photoluminescence when their solution is centrifuged to form a powder; this hinders their applications in the field of solid-state lighting.

Currently, there is lack of efficient solutions to overcome the self-absorption issue for CsPbX 3 QDs. Thus, herein, an effective strategy is proposed via the in situ growth of CsPbBr 3 CPB QDs in a mesoporous silica m-SiO 2 matrix, where self-absorption originating from the agglomeration of the QD powder is distinctly suppressed in the m-SiO 2 matrix. Furthermore, due to its higher transmissivity, some photons can transport along the channels of m-SiO 2 with less light loss.

Finally, a remote flexible light-emitting diode with ultrahigh stability and arbitrary bending angle was achieved, which presented a pathway for the application of CPB QDs in solid-state lighting. The article was received on 07 Jul , accepted on 11 Aug and first published on 20 Aug If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center.

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