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Beyond the commercial success of the game, their dreams, fears, and relationships are at stake.

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An intimate window into the extraordinary — and extraordinarily complicated — process that VandenBerghe and his colleagues went through. A remarkable achievement… A fun, absorbing, and insightful documentary. Playing Hard shows the kind of coordinated effort and sacrifice required to make a blockbuster videogame.

An interesting look at the creative process, from the initial spark of an idea to the final feeling of grief that comes when the project is done and you are no longer working on it. Playing Hard offers a rare peak under the video game hood.

Egos and artistry collide… Everything rides on the epic battle game hitting the jackpot. Compelling… A tale of the blood, sweat and real-life human drama. Playing Hard lifts the lid on the stressful birth of a big-budget video game. Like so many games, it lets players, often young men, pick up a sword and hack their enemies to bits in duels of mindlessly raging machismo.

Playing Hard

A great scene late in the doc sees Vandenberghe weep while watching news reports about the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida in which 49 people died in brutal hate crime. Playing Hard similarly sidesteps the pervasive misogyny apparent in games and gamer culture, which is evident in the footage of For Honor featured in the film. When other films at the festival like Netizens deal directly with the issues of representation and toxic masculinity in the culture of which For Honor is a part, this missing aspect of the film is hard to ignore.

Vandenberghe emerges from the film like a gentle giant as he leaves in bittersweet glory.

Why playing hard to get won’t get you anywhere

Like the heroes of his game, he survives to play another round in a new kingdom. Hot Docs runs April 26 to May 6.

How to Know When a Girl Likes You but Is Playing Hard To Get!!!

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