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I remember feeling afraid that he would not know who I was, but though he was very frail, and seemed to have shrunk, he looked up straight away and smiled directly at me. Thank you for publishing this account by my Grandaughter Sylvie. It is beautiful.

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He was a very special man. This is a great encouragement to go on praying for research and support for all those who have loved ones with this terrible affliction. Sincerely, Olive Tribe. This is so beautifully expressed, Olive. You must feel so proud of your granddaughter and the special relationship she had with Alan. It certainly brought back my fond memories of him getting down on the floor to play with Robert, genuinely wanting to spend time having fun with him and the other children at Coffee Pot. Incidently, I now work in a care home so have completely empathy.

This is a beautifully written piece. My mother has just passed away, in her care home, where she was well looked after for four years. Alzheimer's and dementia robs not only the person affected but the wider family too.

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The work of the Alzheimer's Society is invaluable. Lovely writing from Sylvie - he does sound a very special man and she a very special girl. I agree we need to keep supporting those researching this devastating disease. This is such a beautiful and moving piece of writing.

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Clearly he was a wonderful man and he has a wonderful granddaughter. Hello Sylvie You share a beautiful and heart touching memory of your grandpapa with this blog. It seems real and pure feeling. Just wanted you to know Sylvie that your beautifully written tribute to your grandfather has reached Australia and touched this writer and former English teacher! You write with such empathy and understanding, and allow your readers to share in the wonderful relationship you enjoyed with your grandfather.

I particularly liked the contrast between what you expected of a grandfather and 'what you got', as well as the antics of the polar bears! I found myself picturing the polar bears in full flight, your childish excitement and your grandfather's twinkling blue eyes! Well done Sylvie. Please keep writing Thanks Sylvie for sharing your feelings for your Grandfather.

I myself am going through the same emotions for my husband He too was such an active person but now Dementia has set in Thank you again as your blog has strengthened my feelings towards my loved one. I think very often relatives feels isolated living with a dementia patient but it is comforting to no that we are not alone Thank you for sharing this Olive, a lovely reminder of a very special man. And written with such love by Sylvie. It brought tears to my eyes.

All so recognisable alas but beautifully written. My wife died 4 months ago from Alzheimers and I found this account very moving and so accurate.

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A very real and genuine piece of writing. I love the fact that this is an example of how the young and old can be friends together; learn from each other and provide support. Bob Kimberley says 15 February at 9. As a student she got a degree in Maths and was brilliant pianist. She often played for the singing at church.

We first met at a Rifle Club when I helped her a little. She won prizes with a pistol. She also led me in to an active church. Now can't leave the house, or walk or talk. What a beautifully written article and provides such an insightful account of sharing a life with someone who is living with dementia. Reminds me of my young daughter's experiences of being with her grandma - who had dementia.

Thank you for sharing this. I can completely empathise with Sylvie. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in at the age of 89 and has been in a Care Home since December She was a nurse and a midwife and a farmer's wife. She was always very active and involved and after the death of my father and my brother in took up art painting , mostly water colours. She was really good at it and painted over 50 paintings. Now she is 98 and still paints but not to her former standard although she still has an eye for colour. She is able to recognise me and always enjoys my husband going to see her.

She is cared for by amazing staff at the Care Home, one of whom was her granddaughter my daughter when she went there. She does not always make sense with what she wants to say and is now very deaf so finds it hard to communicate.

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This I find very difficult as she is no longer the alert and forceful person she used to be. I feel as though I have already lost my Mother. Sylvie's granddad seems to have been an amazing person. A granddad I would have liked to have had. I didn't know my father's father and my Mother's father died when I was 3. So touching and heartbreaking but thank you for sharing this with all of us who have lived through similar stories with that very special relative who means everything to you.

What a lovely account of a beautiful friendship. My Dad has dementia and myself, two children and Mum are all trying to do our best for him. It is very hard for him as he is in a care home and unable to walk or get his words out but he still recognises us and always has a twinkle in his handsome blue eyes when he sees us Bless you Sylvie.

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  • I lost my father in law to dementia,to watch a man so fit so active was horrible and know how olive felt. Lovely written piece.

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    What a beautiful story from. Sylvie for her lovely grandad I lost my loving dad who had vascular dementia and I was and still am heartbroken. We should all just love one another and enjoy every moment we can with our families take care sylvie. Is there a particular kind of support that you're interested in?

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    You may also want to call the National Dementia Helpline to speak to a Dementia Adviser about your family's situation. The team there will be in the best position to point you towards relevant support and services for people living with young onset dementia.

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    • My mother did not live long eniugh fir dementia to have set in completely but when she was 83 or so my brother Gavin came to visit us from Canada. She gazed at him when he arrived and went to kiss her. Gavin left the room, looking as though she'd hit him. This was a wonderful and moving account of the sorrow for the family. Thank you. This is so beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. You should be proud of yourself for being such a wonderful granddaughter xx.

      What a beautiful piece written, thank you Sylvie for sharing such special thoughts and moments to treasure. Your piece made me think of the relationship with my sister who has dementia and how it has impacted our relationship and shared history. An excellent piece that bought tears to my eyes and also joy at how you have salvaged treasured memories from this debilitating condition.

      What a moving and well-written account of the wonderful bond between a granddaughter and her grandpa Owl - he was an amazing man -even more so as she explains he was a late addition to the family! He may have gone now but what a legacy of memories and talent he has left with Sylvie- her life will be so much the richer for having known him! Thank you for sharing their story. As a granddad and GG dad myself and my life share partner has Alzheimer's this brought tears of sadness and joy, beautifully written x.