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Eros Now's bittersweet drama 'A Monsoon Date' by Tanuja Chandra to premiere at MAMI

They have been seeing each other for a month now. She has begun to feel deeply for him and he is nothing short of smitten. However, she knows that this is going to be no ordinary date. Her heart is pounding, her mind chaotic, quite like the torrential rain around her. Today, she has decided to reveal to the man a heart-breaking truth about her past. This truth, she knows, is as impossible to believe as it is to fathom and understand.

Frequent dreams of a tragic family, who once lived in the cottage, begin to obsess her and she sleep walks into the woods in search of Rowan, a young girl who disappeared mysteriously in the s. Nora needs to value her own worth and a relationship with Briana might give her happiness, but she must return to Virginia.

The warm community in this picturesque Irish village rally round but only Nora and Brianna can solve the past in order to give themselves a future. Caren J Werlinger has created two complex characters with whom the reader can identify and I was intrigued to discover what had happened to the little girl in the yellow dress over years earlier.

May 05, Della rated it it was amazing. Nora has three months to explore and meet her relatives before she returns to her librarian duties back in Virginia. She will be staying at a small cottage which only has one drawback. Briana Devlin works at a ranch dealing with horses. She has a gentle way with animals teaching them to trust humans and to eventually work as trail horses. As Nora falls deeper under the spell of her ghost Briana tries to help her stay grounded in this world while reluctantly helping to solve the mystery of what the ghost wants with Nora.

Werlinger is a new author to me however on the basis of The Bittersweet Garden I will be delving into her backlist of novels as quickly as I am able.

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It may only be coincidence that this novel is set in Ireland however the writing reminds me of many famous Irish writers with their attention to fine detail of village life and the comfortable pacing which draws you into each of the characters lives. This style of novel is my Achilles heel.

Monsoon (a bittersweet romantic short story)

Werlinger I am under your spell. Apr 21, Carry rated it it was amazing. I love this author so much. None of the usual breakup drama that a three minute conversation could have saved as is so typical with other lesbian fic authors. And this story combined with a ghost story? Utter perfection! Intriguing story with adventure and ghost hunting included. Entertaining, good, just not excellent.

That's how I see it, I just can't seem to find the reason for the 4th star. But it didn't disappoint. Werlinger is one of my all-time favorite authors. Her books have always shocked me by how well written they are. A Bittersweet Garden is no exception. It is a beautiful written paranormal romance that will suck you in from the very first page. A Bittersweet Garden is like nothing I have ever read before. It is a mixture of ghost story and romance novel.

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I was sucked into the history of the cottage and its past inhabitants. The haunting of the cottage is so interesting it really sucked m Caren J. The haunting of the cottage is so interesting it really sucked me into the book. I wanted to know what had happened to the past inhabitants. The romance aspect of A Bittersweet Garden is great. Briana is the strong silent type. She is just very selective about who she lets in. Nora on the other hand never really thought that she deserved love.

When they come together their chemistry is amazing. I really loved the side characters in this book. Eve is one of the most interesting characters that I have ever read.

The way she reacts to the haunted room and protective nature make Shannon a great addition to the book. The one thing I wish was different about this book is the lack of an epilogue. I think it could have really added to the book. I would have loved to know what happened to everyone at the end of the book. If you are looking for steamy sexy scene this book might not be for you. The sex scenes are all fade to black. But there is some sexy build up to where there would be sex.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal romance and to anyone who likes a good ghost story. Mar 29, Ro rated it it was amazing. Nora a college librarian has had dreams of visiting Ireland to try to reconnect with family members there and see where her grandparents were from.

One of the first people she meets there is Briana who works with and is very good with animals. Briana is a q Nora a college librarian has had dreams of visiting Ireland to try to reconnect with family members there and see where her grandparents were from. Briana is a quiet and unassuming woman who does not relate well to people and has never had a steady girlfriend. These two somewhat odd women develop a very beautiful friendship.

This book is so beautifully written you fall in love with the country but more important the characters in the small village just grab your heart. People are concerned that Nora is staying in the cottage that has a history of having ghost. As time moves on these ghost appear to Nora and she becomes embroiled in a mystery that is somehow connected to her family and is very dangerous.

This book has so many unexpected twist and turns it was hard to put down once I started to read. Between the changing story line plots and the beautiful environmental descriptions you could see why people are pulled toward Ireland and its beauty and history.

Apr 29, Gerda rated it it was amazing. She plans to stay for the summer, visit relatives, write a book, and head back to the U.

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So, she arrives in this idyllic setting for a well-deserved rest, and relaxation, then things happen. Caren Werlinger writes so beautifully about the Irish countryside and coastal area I want to revisit Ireland and head to Cong. Werlinger aptly titled the story; A Bittersweet Garden-I thought it very appropriate.