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Our team will be out of pocket as of EOB December There are goals to achieve, expectations to exceed, and future plans to make.


But what is the correct perspective? This is not big picture thinking. This is small, reactive and ultimately unproductive , thinking. This is the sort of thinking we need to recognize and kill upon notice. Respondents shared their experiences with care transitions and identified factors within and outside of the discharging health facility that impede or facilitate this process. Transcribed interviews were analyzed using emerging themes from the interviews.

The value of AI: are operators missing the big picture?

We identified six themes and associated subthemes from the interviews on factors that influence care transitions. Three themes focused on factors within the discharging healthcare facility: untailored and overloaded patient discharge information, timing of the post-discharge care conversation, provider-to-patient and provider-to-provider miscommunication. The other three themes were related to external factors including caregiver involvement, having a safe and stable housing environment, and access to healthcare and community resources. Our study identifies factors within and outside the discharging healthcare facility that influence care transitions, ultimately affect patient-centered outcomes and provider satisfaction with delivered care.

Strategies aimed at improving the quality of care transitions should address these barriers and actively engage healthcare providers who are pivotal in care transitions.

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We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. I think it is because it is such a big issue and something we cannot as individuals do much about.

Even if we want to take some action, it is not clear to whom we should be sending petitions and emails, who we should be demonstrating against or for, or who we should vote for to make any difference at this point. Instead, we get back to focusing on our day-to-day lives—and to the comparatively safe political areas of the continuation of the May Government and the complex second order issue of how long a transition to Brexit might be.

While this is an understandable reaction, it is not always a good one. We end up looking away from the major issue and instead searching for smaller things to do and improve. In councils we worry about getting planning permission regimes for underground basements more than the fact that some of our high-rise housing stock has become a potential death trap. In the education department we disrupt the whole teaching profession with some relatively small impact amendments, rather than focus on why many kids are not getting even adequate grades—whether that is called a C or a 4 in the new language.


Hence at NPC we often try to take organisations right back to their purpose and their theory of change. Perhaps we are all misled by current fads that have crossed over from sport. Before it started to get into a bit of controversy, British cycling was thought to be the epitome of the idea that the route to success was to make marginal gains or improvements in everything you did.

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While this may work for some sports and a bit elsewhere, there is no reason to think it works in other areas of life of public policy. In business you sometimes need to smash the model, not marginally improve it over and over again. In relationships, you sometimes just have to walk away.