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What Is the Meaning of the "OK Boomer" Meme? - OK Boomer Definition & Origin

This is sensitive. Attribute original poster. Funny Why so serious.

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Cosplay Be the character you love. Gaming We don't die, we respawn!

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Animals It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Relationship Unhelpful relationship advice. No sexually explicit content. Girl Celebrity Beautiful celebrities, actresses, singers, models…. Apex Legends A new battle royale experience. Ask 9GAG I have a question. Car Vroom vroom! Countryballs Funny comics about countries.

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  • Tenebrak, the Founding (Chronicles of Tenebrak Book 1).
  • Trump's written note claiming there was no quid pro quo has already become an iconic meme!

Crappy Design Design fails, bad design, asshole design, bad UX. Fortnite Fortnite Battle Royale. Guy Hot gentlemen.

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History Rediscover the past. Horror Fear to the limit of fun.

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  6. Latest News Your take on news around the world. League of Legends Welcome to the summoner's rift. LEGO Build what you want. Fastening a breaching charge to the windshield. Cover your eyes sweetie. Familiar with the "gonna tell my kids" meme , where users post a photo of something that's definitely not what they claim it is? Yeah, that got a workout thanks to the Tesla Cybertruck.

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    3. Meme | Definition of Meme by Merriam-Webster.
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    6. Gonna tell my kids this is Knight Rider. Cybertruck pic. The window-smashing debacle about broke the internet with reactions. When everything's going wrong but you still gotta finish your presentation Cybertruck pic.

      “This dynamic is immortal”: Why OK boomer is much more complicated than the meme

      I think it was pretty lucky Tesla broke the truck's window during that demonstration Not all the reactions were negative. Underestimate him at your own risk. Elon is playful, but Elon isn't playing. Under estimate him at your own risk.

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      According to a Rasmussen poll, less than a third of Americans believe that Epstein committed suicide. True information vacuums, events that happen without witnesses, invite conspiracy theorizing. Recall Malaysian Airlines flight , which disappeared without a trace due to, depending on which kind of truther you ask, the Russians, a black hole, or a portal to another dimension. Often, the theory is niche, predicated on a particular worldview: When Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died of natural causes in , some speculated that Barack Obama or Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy had him killed for political gain.

      The Epstein conspiracy theory is different, though.

      The conspiracy theory this most resembles is probably the speculation surrounding the assassination of President John F. Sick of staring into the void, people attempt to fill it with Holmesian deductions, then wild theories, and then, finally, blithely bizarre jokes.