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Primarily in English but open to all languages. Sign up in the bar from 7. Poetics begin underground from 8.

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Make the words come alive. March 11 th from h— Come celebrate the publication of Traduire: transmettre ou trahir? En paraphrasant Umbero Eco se pourrait-il que la langue du monde soit la traduction? Bosquet Pars. Lecture bilingue. Elle publie depuis March 13 th from Micheal Farrell: Une retrospective One of the key Irish artists of his generation, Micheal Farrell left Ireland for Paris in , where he moved into the famous studios of La Ruche; like many exiles, however, he kept a sharp eye on his native country throughout his career.

His exceptional draughtsmanship and ability to incorporate different artistic strands literally transformed the face of Irish art. His early work was characterised by abstract formalism, in the vein of Frank Stella who he met during an intense year spent in New York.

Librairie photo, Livres photo rares et signés - L'Ascenseur Végétal

Fiercely political, his reaction to the outbreak of the Troubles in the early s led him towards far greater figuration. His acerbic wit and subversive views on Irish history, identity and culture evident in his notorious Madonna Irlanda series form the backbone of this selection of paintings and works on paper on exhibition at the CCI. She is making an extended series of studies - drawings and watercolours - of ceramics in Parisian museums as well as researching images of ceramics in still - life and narrative paintings as part of her continuing investigation into the survival of the fragile.

O'Donnell is primarily a printmaker specialising in etching, monotype and carborundum prints.

Compilation De Poemes - Livre Audio Francais - Full AudioBook French

She has been an active member of Graphic Studio Dublin since With his velvety voice and captivating interpretations, he has played to packed-out venues in Ireland, Britain, Australia and the US. He returns to Paris for this acoustic concert in the intimate setting of the CCI and will charm us with ballads and pop-folk titles taken from Since Kyabram as well as his recent albums Big Bad Beautiful World and Mag Pai Zai Listen to Galileo, which is possibly the greatest song written in the last 30 years.

March 15 th pm At Paris Lit Up—featured reader It is our great pleasure to welcome an eminent Welsh poet to our stage this week. With beautiful vocals, spirited accordion-playing, fiddle, banjo and a tight rhythm section, North Cregg is rooted in the vibrant traditional music of their native County Cork. The band have produced four critically acclaimed and award winning albums, their most recent and successful being The Roseland Barndance I am not on the side of evil, if such a thing as evil abounds. In my writing I do not always agree with what occurs, nor do I linger in the mud for the sheer sake of it.

Also, it is curious that the people who rail against my work seem to overlook the sections of it which entail joy and love and hope, and there are such sections. My days, my years, my life has seen up and downs, lights and darknesses. What a perfect excuse to praise one of the greatest, most honest, most controversial American poets and novelists who ever lived.

You're all invited to come on stage and share your favorite poem or lines. March 18th at This visit provides a further opportunity to see the treasures of the Old Library - its three illuminated manuscripts dating from c.

of Modern French Poetry by Women

Dans la rue, dans les bars, dans un lit, peu importe, ils-elles sont uniques. La rencontre sera suivie par la projection de son film Three Lives March All day everyday! Mamoon is an eminent Indian-born writer who has made a career in England — but now, in his early 70s, his reputation is fading, sales have dried up, and his new wife has expensive taste.

Harry, a young writer, is commissioned to write a biography to revitalise both Mamoon's career and his bank balance. Harry greatly admires Mamoon's work and wants to uncover the truth of the artist's life. Harry's publisher seeks a more naked truth, a salacious tale of sex and scandal that will generate headlines.

The outskirts

Meanwhile, Mamoon himself is mining a different vein of truth altogether. Harry and Mamoon find themselves in a battle of wills, but which of them will have the last word?

His screenplay for the film My Beautiful Laundrette was nominated for an Oscar. His second novel was The Black Album Gabriel's Gift was published in and Something to Tell You in A short story collection, Collected Stories, was published in Hanif Kureishi has also written non-fiction, including the essay collections Dreaming and Scheming: Reflections on Writing and Politics and The Word and the Bomb Hanif Kureishi was awarded the C. His works have been translated into 36 languages.

Countryland, prison of the soul! Imprisoned, at least I knew how to see the bars, and even between the bars.

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  8. Who allowed you to penetrate my private life! Le gris est le cendrier du soleil. The joy of a crowd has a thousand mouths — and no ears. His work went far beyond the wordplay, metaphor, and free associations of Surrealism to a sensuous examination of the possible connections between elements in nature, humans and nature, mind and body.

    De Chazal was schooled in engineering and wrote in French rather than English, though his writing remained true to the exotic land of his youth. Plastic Sense The idiot bleats with his gaze. Spices set the tongue fox-trotting and the palate waltzing. Grey is the ashtray of the sun.

    Flashing are the hips of the sun; and gleaming are its breasts. La voix humaine est le midi des sons. Le regard humain est un phare qui navigue. Le brouillard arrondit les sons. Toutes les voix dans le brouillard prennent un ton gai. Le bleu est le summum du propre. The human voice is the noon of sounds.

    Anthologie des poètes français contemporains/Tome troisième

    The nose is all back: the nose always seems to be looking into the face. The nose only takes on a real face when someone is laughing. The human gaze is a lighthouse sailing around. The gaze is the longest rake. The absolute new is the total nude. Fog gives a round shape to every noise.

    The Yale Anthology of Twentieth-Century French Poetry

    Every voice in the fog takes on a cheerful tone. Space is the widest of all mouths. Blue is the essence of the neat. After a long look at a blue sky, we have our eyes washed and stopped up. After his bath, man has a blue gaze. Le sein est le maximum du fondu ; tous les fruits en un. The breast is melting at its maximum; all fruits in one. The egg Is Just Chins. Breton once commended Desnos for best exemplifying the truth of Surrealism—before excommunicating him for his radio and publicity work. Desnos was arrested by the Gestapo and died of typhus just after the liberation of the Nazi camp Terezin, where he was incarcerated.

    Thy will be done in ersatz is in Heaven. Kippers this day-hour, Delhi bread. And four kippers, sour trace, pa says, As we four give them that trace paths against us. Tout passe. Leica, explains the tourist snap-happily. The ace of spades ready for the assault. Even whatsit thingummy. Me neither for that matter. Poem, could you give me a little more jam, A little more lamb, Another little glass of wine To get us going properly.