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RN Education Pathways

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Since nursing has become popular, you can expect that there will be a lot of competition to get in. Once accepted in a school, you need to study hard. You will be required to take a test at the end of the degree to become a registered nurse.

So, you must study hard and take clinical hours seriously so you have a better chance of passing the exam. Depending on what type of nurse you wish to be, you will be required to take the NCLEX-RN exam at the end of your studies to accompany your degree. The length of the exam varies and you have to answer between 75— questions. It will be conducted on a computer and the computer will determine how many questions to give you based on the answers you provide. Once you pass the exam, you will be licensed and can practice as a nurse.

Neonatal nurses are nurse practitioner professionals who provide care for infants that are…. This widget requires JavaScript to run. Visit Site for more …. Earning your BSN can open many doors to pursue the nursing specialty right for you and help you advance your career. Clinical experience is a critical part of your nursing education. Clinicals are also a great opportunity to gain experience in different healthcare settings as well as to expand your professional network. In order to become a registered nurse in the U.

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Graduates who successfully pass this national examination will be eligible to practice as registered nurses in the state in which they took the examination and will also be qualified to apply for licensure in all 50 states. This exam is very different from those you will take in your nursing classes, so be sure to check out these NCLEX-RN study tips beforehand. As a registered nurse, you have ample opportunities for advancement.

Follow these steps to start your nursing path today! Our nursing programs are designed to be challenging, but not impossible. Your career as a registered nurse will be demanding, and our goal is to help you succeed and become the best healthcare provider you can be. Learn more about how hard nursing school is from Herzing graduates who have been through it.

You will have support from Herzing University faculty, staff and other students every step of the way. Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it! Earning your BSN positions you for more possibilities as a registered nurse both in earning potential and ability to specialize in the field of your choice. Read about the most basic differences between an associate and bachelor degree.

Learn How to Become a Nurse

Because nurses with a BSN have earned that next degree level and generally have the edge on the job market, they will on average earn a slightly higher salary than nurses with an ASN. However, there are always exceptions; an ASN with several years of an experience may earn a higher salary than an RN with a BSN who is just starting their career.

Find the average BSN nursing salary in your state. No, not quite. You become a licensed registered nurse when you pass the NCLEX exam and meet all the board of nursing requirements.

Steps to Becoming a Nurse

There are some programs that offer all online coursework, but in any program you will need to complete a required amount of lab or clinical hours, and that cannot be completed online. The Herzing University ASN program does offer flexibility to complete your general education classes online. Otherwise the remainder of the program must be completed on campus.

There are many different types of nursing careers to choose from. Depending on your personality, educational background and preferred working environment you can follow your own personalized path in the nursing profession.

There are many more specialties to choose. That includes direction of nursing staff, oversight of patient care and some management or budget decisions. In other words, instead of spending their day screening patients and checking vitals, they are establishing work schedules, coordinating meetings and making personnel decisions.

A nurse manager's salary will vary depending on setting, experience, and other factors.

For the Career Changer: Accelerated BSNs

Typically, a higher salary for nurse managers can be found in hospital settings, particularly in fast-paced Intensive Care Units. Due to the extensive experience requirements to become a nurse manager, many enter nursing management and tend to stay. There are further opportunities for nurse managers within leadership, including: nurse educator, director of nursing, clinical nurse specialist, patient care coordinator, and nurse case manager. What Is a Nurse Manager?