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Vintage style meets high tech design in this down parka fashioned for harsh winters. The jacket is waterproof crafted from Ventile, a breathable, high performance material originally used in military wear. This coat offers ultimate protection. The front pockets are equipped with weather proof zippers. The use of two fabrics, one shiny and one matt, gives it a distinguishable, unique look.

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Frost Down Jacket. Shop the collection. This is Lynn Carlsson. The golf course is her office and a Gore-Tex jacket her uniform. Few sports require repetition as much as golf does. To manage the mandatory hours needed, a long season with stabile weather helps, but the weather in Scandinavia is, to put it mildly, not really ideal.

Characteristics of Peak Performance

Lynn needs to work around the elements. How do you practice blasts when the bunker is frozen? Endless hours on the range is often the answer. And a duffel bag with clothes for the changing weather of course. Peak Performance allows creatives to use their individual personality, style and aesthetic to interpret what Peak Performance is to them. This is Peak Performance by Alfie Plant. Born in Bexleyheath in South East London, Alfie Plant joined the professional ranks of golf late last year, following an impressive amateur career that saw him win the coveted Silver Medal at the Open Championship in In the chase for trophies and perfecting imperfections, Alfie separates himself from the rest.

The golf course is his sanctuary, his arena. Lucas is one of the most interesting profiles on the freeskiing scene right now. His personal style and creative way of expressing himself through skiing is something truly unique. For him being active is not only related to skiing, being active is the essence of his lifestyle.


It is when I ski or skateboard or run, that my body and mind feel most at ease. The collection include products for training, running and hiking in lightweight materials that enable the speed needed for our fast-paced lifestyle. A light and fast collection with products as the Mondo jacket and the Track tights show the never ending urge for innovation.

To get you started, here are some of our favourite insider tips:. Practice your backhand at one of the clay tennis courts, sign up for an inline skating class or join one of the many running events or bootcamps on offer. Why not set your running route to the top of Olympiaberg hill for a breathtaking skyline view? For a vertical challenge, drop your name into the raffle for a chance to do the annual Tower Run, a race that takes you up the stairs to the top of the Olympic Tower. Fed by rushing waters from the Alps, the Isar River cuts its path through Munich and is a great place to head for some urban countryside vibes.

Take one of the Isar Trails that lead through the woods alongside the river for a scenic run or mountain biking. The further south you head, the more rural it feels. Once your muscles are sufficiently weary, stop off for a refreshing dip in the crisp water, or why not do as the locals do, float downstream and take a relaxing walk back? A parking garage might not be an obvious tip for travellers, but in the Bavarian capital they offer an unexpected experience.

Get your blood pumping by running up the stairs to the top of the parking structure. Staying in the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, get up bright and early to catch the first cable car of the day to the Osterfelderkopf for an adrenaline filled mountain adventure on the Alpspitz-Ferrata. A tip is to do the trail on a weekday as it tends to be less crowded. Climbing the Grubigstein is a must when in the area.

Take the cable car to the top station at meters above sea level, from there you can either make your way to the beautiful woodland lake Blindsee or do the one hour hike up to the summit at masl. Once you have soaked in the dramatic landscape make your way back down to the cable car station and enjoy some food.

Soak up the serene atmosphere at lake Seebensee by the town of Ehrwald. From here you can gaze out over the lake and the Zugspitze mountain. This is Peak Performance by Vanninen. Finish photographer and blogger Sara Vanninen takes us through the streets of Helsinki and gives us a sneak peak of her daily life.

Sports Performance: Overview

I love to do things instead of just talking about them. I enjoy traveling, exploring the world, exercising, photographing and sharing activities and experiences with my loved ones. For Sara an active lifestyle represents diversity, ambition, always staying curious and saying yes to any challenge. Running a blog and working on book manuscripts means many hours spent in front of the computer, so she has learnt to break up the day to maintain focus, to refuel her energy and refresh her inspiration.

Having an active lifestyle doesn't have to mean running lap upon lap around Kungsholmen or to lose your breath on the cross trainer - for Flora it's about everyday tasks that gets her blood flowing. It can be a gentle yoga session, lugging home heavy bags from the supermarket, inviting a friend over for coffee or running errands in town. That's often where ideas for her writing appear - when in motion, on her way somewhere.

This is Peak Performance by Sondrey. However, for him being active is more than just a sport. This is Peak Performance by Sondrey gives us a sneak peek into his creative process, taking us through the streets of Oslo and into his studio. On the subway, recording new melodies or writing new lyrics while working.

With different nationalities, all with various professions and interests we mixed an amazing group of girls. Everyone shared the same two passions - skiing and meeting new people. This is Peak Performance by Helin Honung.

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She explores the world as well as her inner essence and never ceases to challenge herself. Swedish Helin Honung is like an energetic, yet gentle whirlwind with an intense life.

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With two homes in different cities, she is in a continuous stream of motion and development, throwing herself in to any type of activity from yoga to kickboxing. I get a feeling of being in control and it's the only space where I've been able to handle external stress. To be active eases my mind. Her spare time is spent at the spa, the gym or strolling around the park. A way of getting closer to the core of her devotion to strengthening her body and mind, while at the same time feeling the spirit of city life.

The film, shot in Berlin, shows her spirituality and gentleness as well as the comfortably elegant style her multifaceted city life requires. Shop Men Shop Women Being active is more than a sport. Its more than a hobby or a way to enjoy free time.

The 18STRONG Podcast

It is how we get to work, how we travel and how we relax, by our own and among friends. As professionals, as skiers, golfers, runners, creatives and as adventurers — its our everyday life. What we design fully reflects this lifestyle. We are using our know-how from the world of technical apparel and have repurposed it, reimagined it and refined it to fuse seamlessly with an urban aesthetic.

Breaking new ground and innovation is our reason for being. We like to shake things up. Do things differently. From bike to bar, from work to workout, from the city to the great outdoors - This is Peak Performance. Sharing his interpretation of Peak Performance and our urban approach to an active lifestyle, surfer Erik Nylander has in his film captured the eternal pursuit of the best waves.