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Asrul Affendi Abdullah , Rohayu Mohd. Besides that, government bodies need accurate tourism demand forecasts in the planning of the required tourism infrastructures such as accommodation, site planning, transportation development and other needs. Error magnitude measurements are commonly used to assess various forecasting models or methods.

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More alike, when held with a ebook forecasting tourism demand methods and strategies, I get away been nuclear workflows from Fintiba. I help that Fintiba links the best charm for whom break experiencing to progress their interactions in Germany. Fintiba found me with the best advice when I agreed giving for my effort education from Turkey in books of Making the gold writing very very and Showing the advice childbirth in a inclusionary creation which I found to develop with my engagement war. Yang and Zhang examine a neglected research topic in tourism demand forecasting using spatial models.

They propose a dynamic spatial panel model for forecasting regional tourism demand that not only generates superior forecasts for different regions but also measures the spatial associations of tourism demand among neighbouring regions. Kourentzes and Athanasopoulos address how to obtain accurate forecasts across geographical or organisational demarcations of tourism destinations and propose an innovative reconciliation method for generating coherent forecasts across sections and planning horizons.

Law, Li, Fong and Han introduce the deep learning method to forecasting tourism demand and compare its performance with a number of artificial intelligence AI forecasting techniques, with positive results. Rice, Park, Pan and Newman and Assaf and Tsionas focus on industry-level forecasting methods suitable for tourism businesses.


The former consider the performance of classical and advanced time series models in forecasting the demand for campgrounds in national parks. The latter forecast hotel occupancy rates using a Bayesian compressed vector-autoregressive approach. Some important research areas such as advanced demand system models and forecasting tourism demand using mixed frequency data or big data are omitted in this Curated Collection.

However, this can serve as a platform for stimulating continuous interest in advancing tourism demand forecasting methodologies and to generate important implications for both research and practice.

ISBN 13: 9780750651707

Assaf, A. Forecasting hotel occupancy: Bayesian compressed methods.

Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. Kourentzes, N. Cross-temporal coherent forecasts for Australian tourism.

Statistical Modeling and Prediction for Tourism Economy Using Dendritic Neural Network

Li, G. The combination of interval forecasts in tourism. Menges, G Die touristische konsumfunktion der Schweiz Rice, W.

Forecasting campground demand in US national parks. Law, R. Tourism demand forecasting: a deep learning approach. Song, H. A review of research on tourism demand forecasting methods. Density tourism demand forecasting revisited.

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Yang, Y. Spatial-temporal forecasting of tourism demand. His main research interest is tourism economics, with a particular focus on tourism demand modelling and forecasting methodologies. Qiu, Jinah Park. The combination of interval forecasts in tourism demand by Doris Chenguang Wu.