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Some things in life are hard work. Discover a phrase that describes these situations. Courses Features Busca. White elephant - Elefante branco. To play this audio you need to enable JavaScript. Neil Indeed. Both Bye! Learn a phrase inspired by a very tranquil animal. Learn this expression. Here's a phrase about avoiding a tricky situation. This phrase might help you get an invitation. Here are some expressions for when you feel good. We have just the phrase for you! He might be just beside you.

Propose and tie the knot. This is a phrase for you! A plane? A pie?! Learn an amusing expression for fun. It's a steal!

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We have just the phrase you need! Learn how to use it in an expression about salaries. Here's a phrase that tells them what to do. Learn some cyber vocabulary. Or are you full of beans? It's a piece of cake! Be suspicious. Drinking expressions - No bar, tomando umas Yes, but there's another meaning The skills I learn from this site will definitely help me on my holiday in Cumbuco, Brazil! Merja Finnland. I am a native Hungarian speaker born in Romania, but living temporarily in Brazil.

Your website is a wonderful support for me to learn Portuguese. The well organized material and nicely chosen examples along with English translations at the right places and the examples of common problems remind me of the excellent grammar book that I used to read when I was studying English. The internet links to the songs and the lyrics on the website are very useful also. Thank you for your generosity of offering your website to the World for free. Encontre seu web de muita ajuda pra mim. Um abraco grande e Deus te abencoe! Ana Maria. Estou encantada com a sua web site.

Moro nos USA ha quase 28 anos e sempre quis saber receitas brasileiras com photo e a traducao para o Ingles. Voce esta de Parabens.

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I love your website! It's so useful as well as so practical.

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A dear friend of mine has asked me to write some useful phrases in Portuguese for a young Thai student who's going to visit Brazil soon. So I just forward her some pages of your web-site-it's great!!! O seu website e marvilhoso!

Um beijinho grande de agradecer! Thank you so much for your awesome website! I'm American, but my boyfriend is Brazilian. He moved here when he was young, but this summer he's going home to visit and I'm going with him. I'm a little apprehensive about the culture shock and the language, but your website makes studying and preparing so much easier! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see Brazil in all its beauty! I found your website when I was doing a search on learning the Portuguese language.

I lived in Rio as a small child and wanted to brush up on the language. I found your site and it brought back so many memories. I am going to try out the recipes and also try to relearn the language. Thanks for the beautiful website. I am Ukrainian but currently I live in Sao Paulo.

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My husband showed me your site because it was very necessary for me to learn Portuguese. I find your site very interesting and there is a lot of necessary information for me. Josh Salvador, Brazil. Quero simplismente, parabenizar voce pelo seu trabalho. Nao nos conhecemos, mas tenho o costume de apreciar a comida brasileira, ja que vivo fora do meu pais e suas receitas sao otimas. Boa Sorte!

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Your website is awesome. It is one of the best websites I've encountered in a long while. So many sites are filled with rubbish.

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Yours has loads of pertinent information. It's also warm and accessible. I somehow have a sense that it's not just about making money for you. So thanks for the site and I'll definitely recommend it to others. Your website is one of the most useful and "friendly" among the ones that offer such information.

What a lovely website! I love your website, it is very helpful and it is easy to see that you are very passionate about teaching, and that you have put a lot of time and effort into it!! Very nice site! Kind Regards. It has been a wonderful experience to go through your website. Great resource for us! I went in your site and it was very helpful to me in learning Portuguese. You did a very good job, I mean it's really helpful, thanks Joy. Thank you for providing the resources on your website. They are an invaluable help as I consider my possibilities to study in Brazil.

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We cooked your beans, rice, chicken and potatoes last night. We have a young 18 year old missionary from Brazil staying with us. I was very pleased when she told me how good it was. We had the leftovers for lunch and they were even better. We have made several trips to Brazil to build churches with the group, Christian Missions. Your website has been helpful in many ways. We find it user friendly. You have a great website — very extensive and interesting. Cheers, Jes. I am new to your web site and I take the opportunity to congratulate you on such a professional site.

I'm a first grade teacher in the USA teaching my students about the different cultures of the world through food. I found a lot of recipes I will use next week in my class. Thank you so much for sharing so freely. It will surely enrich the lives of my students. Thank you for your wonderful site. It has been and continues to be a great help to me as I learn Portuguese. I love Brazil and currently am in Rio enjoying Carnaval. All the best to you and your family. It has really helped me a lot especially with the basics.