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Domenico Zipoli Adagio per oboe, cello, organo e orchestra

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Silenzio e Parole. Elevazione in Canto Gregoriano.

Color: Black and White. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. The trunk has been raised vertically by five supports so that it appears to be suspended in space.

Elevazione : Inhotim

Next to each support is a young, newly planted tree. It is evident that this work deals with natural growth as the process of change; in a decade or so it will seem as if the bronze tree has been lifted up by the surrounding trees.

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His sculpture fits effortlessly into the row of trees along Westersingel which, like the sculptures, are illuminated at night. These consist of beams, half of which have been peeled away lengthways and stripped down to inner growth rings so that the older trees, covered up by the growing process, are now revealed. The inner part refers to the three in an earlier phase, as by a turning back of time.

Elevazione: The Magic of the Oboe - CD

Elevazione has been created from a similar idea; only here change will occur some time in the future when the growing trees will carry the bronze tree in their midst as if in remembrance of an ancestor. Photographs show him gripping the trunk of a sapling and then exchanging his grip for a metal cast of his hand, thereby restricting the trunk from growing any thicker. Other pictures show him weaving three small saplings together so that they then would grow intertwined.

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Penone was years old at the time. At art school in Turin he met Gilardi, Anselmo and Pistoletto.

Their art was intended as a response to American Minimal and post-Minimal Art — a conscious harking back to classical and centuries-old symbols embedded within our cultural heritage. As an artist Penone is interested in the spiritual quality of the growing process, whereby the tree, which can become extremely old, is the quintessential expression of this.

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In many cultures the tree is regarded as the axis mundi, the axis of the world, the growing link between heaven and earth. As such the tree personifies the breaking down of the nature-culture contradiction — the chief preoccupation of the Arte Povera artist. This also explains why soil and clay were so popular with Penone: the materials form the basis for all living matter, while clay, especially because of its availability and versatility, has been in use down the centuries as an artistic and practical medium.

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has two sculptures by the artist in which he used clay creatively.