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The customized training mixed narrative videos with motion graphics and simulations, creating an accessible competency path that not only built procedural and technical skills, but helped the learners believe that they could be leaders. Small, easily digestible training modules kept learners from feeling overwhelmed, and fun simulation exercises focused on real-life activities employees would find on the job.

Celebrating milestone achievements along the way gave the learners confidence and increased motivation to continue with the training process. Board meetings that had been icy at best were lively and participatory, with members fully engaged as stewards of an important legacy. The tone of the organization changed at every level, and employees that had felt beaten down and demoralized developed a sense of common ground and greater mission.

Their inspiration translated into better programming, and new initiatives garnered major media coverage.

A case study in organisational analysis and organisational development

The big challenge to any change is making it stick, In this turnaround, I can joyfully say that the changes implemented in those three years have stuck: systems are in place, and the organization has continued to move forward with renewed health and purpose. Learn More.

Organizational Behavior - Case Study Analysis

For a new executive director with great instincts, leadership coaching helped address gaps in essential knowledge and protocols. For a small, high-tech company, systems design became a path to increased sales and companywide cultural change. Case Study Organizational Development This long-term engagement with a large organization remains one of my most successful turnarounds.

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Includes a variety of exercises including self-assessment tools, role-play exercises, and individual or group simulations to enhance students' skill development in acting as change agents. Chapter 8. Chapter Request e-review copy. If you require a print review copy, please call: ext. Skip to main content. Courses: Organizational Change Organizational Development. Download flyer. Meeting With Jared. Discussion Questions. For Further Reading. The First Staff Meeting. Gathering Additional Data. Feedback to Jake. Greencycle Publishing Donald L. Anderson and Jennifer A. The Organization.

Scene 1: Acquisitions Staff Meeting.

Scene 2: Production Staff Meeting. The Opportunity. The Pitch for Covert Data Collection. Phase One: The Sociograph.

Phase Two: Data Collection and Analys. Phase Three: Reporting Findings to Executives. Consulting Organization Overview.

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Overview of the Project. The Dilemma.

Organizational Development and Industrial Democracy: A Current Case-study | SpringerLink

FOCUS The Change Approach. Historical Background From to Competitor: Intel. AMD: Fighting Back. The Venue Theatre Donald L. Anderson and Paul J. Current Challenges. Part Two: Planning the Intervention. Part Four: Post Intervention Meeting. Indian Hygiene Products Limited. Initial Contact.