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Many owners consequently choose to have it removed, a service, which despite being illegal, is offered by a number of professionals. And nor do car makers, going so far as to sing the praises of their beloved filter even to the French Allergy Congress. Diesel lobbying groups are not short on connections.

Diesel is at the centre of a genuine government scandal in France. Everyone knew, but no one did anything about it. At the time the public was still unaware that the actual emissions were in fact much higher than the amount declared by manufacturers. A respectful silence followed from the Ayrault government. French car makers have the means to do this.

And the debate got even more heated when six months later, in January , it was revealed that the emissions of a number of vehicles made by French brand Renault were over recommended levels.

On 17 December , the European Parliament voted to launch a Committee of Inquiry into the Volkswagen emissions scandal. It should establish the role played by European institutions, governments and carmakers in the scandal.

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Was Volkswagen the only company to use cheating devices? Was the European Commission aware of what was going on? Investigators will also look at the role played by national authorities responsible for registering new cars, to ensure their independence from the industry. The price difference between the fuels is currently 17 centimes per litre of fuel. The plan is that, through taxes, the price of petrol will be reduced by one centime each year while the price of diesel will increase by the same amount.

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Will this be enough of a disincentive? But when it comes to European emission standards aiming to limit the detrimental effects of diesel — voted almost ten years ago in ! Giving up diesel would at least free up some public finances, a sizeable amount of which has gone into diesel over the last thirty years.

This represents another eleven billion that could be saved, not to mention the astronomical health costs. A study by the Commission on Sustainable Development found that PM10 fine particle pollution costs each French person euros per year, i. More recently, a Committee of Inquiry in the French Senate estimated that air pollution costs France more billion euros each year, including 70 billion on health-related costs.

Phasing out diesel is one of the main recommendations made by the Committee. Civil society could also play a role by putting pressure on carmakers. Despite the statistical evidence that pollution, and particularly diesel, is a health hazard, it is still difficult to establish a direct link between a given victim and emissions that exceed the authorized limit. The reality is that everyone pollutes, which means that no one in particular can be held legally liable. Paris took a stand and decided to ban diesel vehicles registered before from the capital as of July , sparking anger from certain automobile associations.

Disastrous health effects Meanwhile, there is mounting evidence of the harmful effects of diesel on human health, the fine particles in diesel exhaust causing damage to the respiratory system. What happens when the big bosses call the ministers Diesel lobbying groups are not short on connections.

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Exemptions endorsing increased pollution But when it comes to European emission standards aiming to limit the detrimental effects of diesel — voted almost ten years ago in ! Related Reports Lobbying.

Affected countries France. All content on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons License Credits SPIP Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur les multinationales sans jamais oser le demander se trouve dans la newsletter hebdomadaire :. He replied the next day, thanked the resident for supporting him, promised the sign would be delivered and told the resident about a chance to pitch in with some weekend doorknocking ahead of the election.

Blatant Disregard

The bureau has since received an initial complaint against Louney. Officials said consequences often include an informal warning. Other times they include hefty fines.

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Byrum — suspicious after the previous complaint — personally reviewed the findings, she said. Louney emailed an official at Sparrow Health System in March for input regarding his campaign. Other emails showed Louney reached out to officials at local labor unions and Lansing Community College to discuss endorsements.

Several emails included fliers to promote previous campaign fundraisers and to solicit donations.

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Perhaps most notably, he emailed Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon to ask for her endorsement ahead of the election. Her response eluded to campaign finance law restrictions, noting she would later reply from her personal email. Reports showed the emails continued through June.

You have to follow campaign finance rules. He should have known better. Byrum said the latest complaint will likely be handled like typical campaign finance violation reports.

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State officials will still need to conduct a full review before they impose any sanctions, and the timeframe for that process remains largely unclear.