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When Felix decided that he was no longer able to provide enough money for the garden's upkeep, he decided to present it to the people of Odessa. The transfer of ownership took place on 10 November Nowadays the garden is home to a bandstand and is the traditional location for outdoor theater in the summertime. Numerous sculptures can also be found within the grounds as well as a musical fountain, the waters of which are computer controlled to coordinate with the musical melody being played.

The park covers an area of around by metres 2, by 3, feet and is located near the centre of the city, on the side closest to the sea. Within the park there are a variety of cultural and entertainment facilities, and wide pedestrian avenues.

Shamsi Speaking to Zionist Jew Nehemia Gordon at Speakers Corner

In the center of the park is the local top-flight football team's Chornomorets Stadium, the Alexander Column and municipal observatory. The Baryatinsky Bulvar is popular for its route, which starts at the park's gate before winding its way along the edge of the coastal plateau.

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There are a number of monuments and memorials in the park, one of which is dedicated to the park's namesake, the Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko. Education Odessa is home to several universities and other institutions of higher education. The city's best-known and most prestigious university is the Odessa 'I. Mechnikov' National University. This university is the oldest in the city and was first founded by an edict of Tsar Alexander II of Russia in as the Imperial Novorossian University.

Since then the university has developed to become one of modern Ukraine's leading research and teaching universities, with staff of around 1, and total of thirteen academic faculties. The last of these institutions is a highly specialised and prestigious establishment for the preparation and training of merchant mariners which sees around 1, newly qualified officer cadets graduate each year and take up employment in the merchant marines of numerous countries around the world.

The South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University is also based in the city, this is one of the largest institutions for the preparation of educational specialists in Ukraine and is recognised as one of the country's finest of such universities. In addition to all the state-run universities mentioned above, Odessa is also home to a large number of private educational institutes and academies which offer highly specified courses in a range of different subjects. These establishments, however, typically charge much higher fees than government-owned establishments and may not have held the same level of official accreditation as their state-run peers.

Most of these schools are state-owned and operated, and all schools have to be state-accredited in order to teach children. The Odessa National Scientific Library is a major research library, and centre for study, in southern Ukraine. The main building of the Odessa National Medical University. The Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art is arguably Odessa's most important museum; it has large European collections from the 16—20th centuries along with the art from the East on display.

Also of note is the city's Alexander Pushkin Museum, which is dedicated to detailing the short time Pushkin spent in exile in Odessa, a period during which he continued to write. The poet also has a city street named after him, as well as a statue. Among the city's public sculptures, two sets of Medici lions can be noted, at the Vorontsov Palace[50] as well as the Starosinnyi Garden.

The most popular Russian show business people from Odessa are Yakov Smirnoff comedian , Mikhail Zhvanetsky legendary humorist writer, who began his career as a port engineer and Roman Kartsev comedian?????? Zhvanetsky's and Kartsev's success in the s, along with Odessa's KVN team, contributed to Odessa's established status as "capital of Soviet humor", culminating in the annual Humoryna festival, carried out around the beginning of April.

Odessa was also the home of the late Armenian painter Sarkis Ordyan — , the Ukrainian painter Mickola Vorokhta and the Greek philologist, author and promoter of Demotic Greek Ioannis Psycharis — Igor Glazer Production Manager Baruch Agadati — , the Israeli classical ballet dancer, choreographer, painter, and film producer and director grew up in Odessa, as did Israeli artist and author Nachum Gutman — Israeli painter Avigdor Stematsky —89 was born in Odessa. Odessa produced one of the founders of the Soviet violin school, Pyotr Stolyarsky.


Note: Richter studied in Odessa but wasn't born there. The Odessa International Film Festival is also held in this city annually since Other Odessites are. The main hall of the Odessa Philharmonic Society's theatre. Vera Inber, a poet and writer, as well as the poet and journalist, Margarita Aliger were both born in Odessa. The Italian writer, slavist and anti- fascist dissident Leone Ginzburg was born in Odessa into a Jewish family, and then went to Italy where he grew up and lived.

One of the most prominent pre-war Soviet writers, Valentin Kataev, was born here and began his writing career as early as high school gymnasia. Before moving to Moscow in , he made quite a few acquaintances here, including Yury Olesha and Ilya Ilf Ilf's co- author Petrov was in fact Kataev's brother, Petrov being his pen- name.

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Kataev became a benefactor for these young authors, who would become some of the most talented and popular Russian writers of this period. In Kataev became the first chief editor of the Youth Russian:?????? Odessites were and are viewed in the ethnic stereotype as sharp-witted, street-wise and eternally optimistic. The "Odessite speech" became a staple of the "Soviet Jew" depicted in a multitude of jokes and comedy acts, in which a Jewish adherent served as a wise and subtle dissenter and opportunist, always pursuing his own well-being, but unwittingly pointing out the flaws and absurdities of the Soviet regime.

The Odessan Jew in the jokes always "came out clean" and was, in the end, a lovable character — unlike some of other jocular nation stereotypes such as The Chukcha, The Ukrainian, The Estonian or The American. Celebrations and holidays Further information: Humorina Odessa is a popular tourist destination, with many therapeutic resorts in and around the city. Practical joking is a central theme throughout, and Odessans dress in unique, colorful attire to express their spontaneous and comedic selves. Ze'ev Jabotinsky was born in Odessa, and largely developed his version of Zionism there in the early s.

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Another intelligence agent from Odessa was Genrikh Lyushkov, who joined in the Odessa Cheka in and reached two-star rank in the NKVD before fleeing to Japanese-occupied Manchuria in to avoid being murdered. The composer Jacob Weinberg — was born in Odessa. He composed over works and was the founder of the Jewish National Conservatory in Jerusalem before immigrating to the U. Economy The economy of Odessa largely stems from its traditional role as a port city. The nearly ice-free port lies near the mouths of the Dnieper, the Southern Bug, the Dniester and the Danube rivers, which provide good links to the hinterland.

The port complex contains an oil and gas transfer and storage facility, a cargo-handling area and a large passenger port. In the Port of Odessa handled 31,, tonnes of cargo. Rail transport is another important sector of the economy in Odessa — largely due to the role it plays in delivering goods and imports to and from the city's port.

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Agriculture is a relatively important sector in the territories surrounding the city. The Seventh-Kilometer Market is a major commercial complex on the outskirts of the city where private traders now operate one of the largest market complexes in Eastern Europe. Daily sales, according to the Ukrainian periodical Zerkalo Nedeli, were believed to be as high as USD 20 million in With a staff of 1, mostly guards and janitors , the market is also the region's largest employer.

Dobriansky and three partners of his. Tavria-V is the most popular retail chain in Odessa. Key areas of business include: retail, wholesale, catering, production, construction and development, private label. Consumer recognition is mainly attributed[by whom?


Tavria-V is the biggest private company and the biggest tax payer. Deribasivska Street is one of the city's most important commercial streets, hosting a large number of the city's boutiques and higher-end shops. In addition to this there are a number of large commercial shopping centres in the city. The 19th-century shopping gallery Passage was, for a long time, the city's most upscale shopping district, and remains to this day an important landmark of Odessa.

The tourism sector is of great importance to Odessa, which is currently[when? Other sectors of the city's economy include the banking sector: the city hosts a branch of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Jewish Odessa ( from YIVO)

Imexbank, one of Ukraine's largest commercial banks, is based in the city. Foreign business ventures have thrived in the area, as since 1 January , much of the city and its surrounding area has been declared[by whom? To date a number of Japanese and Chinese companies, as well as a host of European enterprises, have invested in the development of the free economic zone, to this end private investors in the city have invested a great deal of money into the provision of quality office real estate and modern manufacturing facilities such as warehouses and plant complexes.

Scientists A number of world-famous scientists have lived and worked in Odessa. The Port of Odessa became a provisional headquarters for the Ukrainian Navy, following the Russian occupation of Crimea in The Passage galleries, one of the city's landmarks. Odessa seaport Passenger ships and ferries connect Odessa with Istanbul, Haifa and Varna, whilst river cruises can occasionally be booked for travel up the Dnieper River to cities such as Kherson, Dnipro and Kiev.

Navrotsky, came to Odessa from France in He was a popular city publisher of the newspaper The Odessa Leaf. Odessa is linked to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, by the M05 Highway, a high quality multi-lane road which is set to be re-designated, after further reconstructive works, as an 'Avtomagistral' motorway in the near future. The M14 is of particular importance to Odessa's maritime and shipbuilding industries as it links the city with Ukraine's other large deep water port Mariupol which is located in the south east of the country.