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I worked with Abbie during a difficult period when I was moving through many career and relationship changes. I was feeling uprooted and confused about my life path. Abbie brought a clear and gentle presence, lightness, and a positive spirit to our sessions that helped to uplift me. She asked deep questions and offered insights that shifted my perspective.

By listening, reflecting, and intuitively guiding me to honor my passions, Abbie helped me to trust in my own wisdom and to take the jump to pursue a dream. I found our time together to be fun, validating, and empowering. Her thoughtful guiding questions, simple process, and encouragement were the gentle nudge that I needed to start my own business.

I never would have had the courage or knowledge to make these huge changes in my life without her guidance and advice.

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Working with Abbie was truly life-changing for me! Items : 0. Hey There! I'm Abbie. My Story.

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Work With Me. The more concrete that gift, the better.

A Passion For Discovery by Peter G.O. Freund

Do you have any upcoming favorite titles? Code this Game! In Code this Game , she takes readers through pages of step-by-step instructions to build a tower defense game. She teaches this in Python and the art is all free to download on our site. In the next pages, she goes even further. Once the reader has built their game, they've effectively learned how to follow a recipe. In those last pages, she teaches you how to cook. Readers learn to mod, hack and remix the game to be whatever they might think of--a match-three puzzle game or a vintage arcade platformer.

The skills they learn allow them to go off in any direction. A page, full-color book on coding is a feat in and of itself.

But to make it a true Odd Dot project, we decided to add an innovative format as well: the entire book stands up on an easel built into the case, so readers can keep both hands free for typing. Altogether, it's a substantive skill-building concept, beautifully designed, illustrated and packaged in an innovative format. Odd Dot has been described as "a proudly odd mix of makers, creators, and engineers, guided by the priorities of innovation, education, and play.

You know the part I like most about that line?

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  • The part that implies our team is actively in pursuit of greatness. It doesn't say we're passively at our desks, hoping for something to land in our laps. It says we're in the mines digging. Every day we have ad hoc development sessions wherein we prototype a new format or explore a new topic. The question at the heart of Odd Dot is this: What if you created a group within a publishing house that did nothing but make stuff constantly? Daniel was born in Iran and spent several years as a refugee before immigrating to Oklahoma at age eight with his family.

    He is a former professional pastry chef, and if he's not writing or baking, he's likely playing board games or riding motorcycles. In your role as Editorial Director, what do you look for when acquiring titles? If a book can hit all of those notes, that's music to me. What is most important to you in a work? That the books we publish not only help kids enjoy, explore and understand their world, but also give them the tools to change that world. Part of the Odd Dot mission statement says you're "dedicated to creating joyful books for curious minds.

    How does this goal drive you? It's our team's approach to the world: an open and curious way of engaging with everything around us. We each have a passion for discovery, and I think that's something we share with children and why our books resonate with kids. I can't think of anything more fun.

    Turning Up the Heat to Create New Nanostructured Metals

    What do you find most exciting about being Odd Dot's Editorial Director? What has made you most proud? Developing ideas with the Odd Dots is a truly thrilling experience. Most of all, we remind each other that there's always something more to learn and to try and to imagine. Nathalie Le Du is a writer, editor and education advocate. She has more than 15 years of experience leading teams of teachers, curriculum developers, writers, illustrators and designers in children's trade publishing.

    When Nathalie is not creating books, she is playing with her son, learning Dutch to please her in-laws and learning guitar to keep up with her brother. Nathalie is a first and second-generation American, and a proud product of public schools. She was born in New York City, where she continues to live now. All of us, editorial and design, work on the development of our books from day one and it's my job to make sure everyone feels inspired.

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    • I manage four absolutely brilliant creative designers and shape the look and feel of our books. I say "feel" because I'm a big believer in making books that you have to hold to really experience: books that beg you to pick them up and that push what a physical book can do. What are your and the imprint's goals when it comes to the design of the books? We want people to recognize our logo. Not just other publishers, but any book buyer. Kind of like when you pick up a book with an award seal--you know it's going to be good.

      And likely the dog is going to die.

      A Passion for Discovery, A Desire to Give Back

      When you pick up a book with Tod, our logo, on the front, you know it's going to be playful and quirky but still have elegant design, gorgeous art and meticulous attention to every visual element. Also, I'm just gonna go ahead and say no dogs will ever die in our books. Part of the Odd Dot mission is to "develop interactive and substantive gift books that explore categories and formats never seen before. As I mentioned before, the design staff is an incredible crew with diverse backgrounds.