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Did you work on a great project in class or a side project?

From AT&T To Xerox: 73 Corporate Innovation Labs

Are you working on solving a problem around you? Use those ideas in this workshop for further ideation exploration! Part of a workshop series: Are you planning to apply to MassChallenge, the world's largest accelerator on the planet? Looking to get feedback on your application? If so, this is a workshop you won't want to miss!

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Is your inner-entrepreneur calling? Join Innovate BU for a one-day bootcamp to learn the building blocks of launching a startup! Come with an idea or a curiosity for learning what it takes to get a new venture off the ground.

Ivey - 60 Second Entrepreneur: Dustin Walper - Growing the Team

Open to all start-up ideas: Taught by BU faculty and successful entrepreneurs. Includes one-on-one mentoring session with a start-up expert. Ticket price includes lunch. A monthly meetup to crowdsource diverse perspectives and insights to help move ideas forward. They perform over 1, test projects every year on a network powerful enough to provide mobile coverage for a country the size of Switzerland.

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T-Mobile Innovation Lab Name: Each focuses on a different industry: Huawei Innovation Lab Name: Wireless X Labs Founded: Wireless X is made of up 3 laboratories that focus on technology for consumers, the home, and vertical industries, and one joint innovation center. The program also includes strategic partnerships with groups like Ideo. Deutsche Bank Innovation Lab Name: Deutsche Bank Labs Founded: These centers are focused on creating new technologies to revolutionize mobile banking, payments, and more.

Staples Innovation Lab Name: Velocity, Innovstapation, Development Founded: In the long-lived office superstore opened three labs in separate locations, each with its own mandate. Lastly, they leave behind compelling new relationships between previously separate individuals and groups. Since , a subdomain of social innovation has been defined in relation to the introduction of digital technologies.

The subdomain is called digital social innovation and refers to "a type of social and collaborative innovation in which innovators, users and communities collaborate using digital technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of social needs and at a scale and speed that was unimaginable before the rise of the Internet". Social innovation was discussed in the writings of figures such as Peter Drucker and Michael Young founder of the Open University and dozens of other organizations in the s.

Benjamin Franklin , for example, talked about small modifications within the social organization of communities [21] that could help to solve everyday problems. In recent years, the work of Gabriel Tarde on the concept of imitation has been rediscovered by social scientists in order to better understand social innovation and its relation to social change.

Joseph Schumpeter , for example, addressed the process of innovation directly with his theory of creative destruction and his definition of entrepreneurs as people who combined existing elements in new ways to create a new product or service. Beginning in the s, writers on technological change increasingly addressed how social factors affect technology diffusion.

How To Craft The Ultimate 60-Second Startup Pitch

The article "Rediscovering Social Innovation" mentions how social innovations are dependent on history and the change in institutions. The article discusses the ten recent social innovations reflecting current change to include:. Over the last two decades social innovation has gained significant popularity as a strategy to tackle new social risks including population ageing and its health correlates Hubert, ; Mulgan et al. However, as other concepts recently developed within the academic debate — among them, social capital Ferragina, — social innovation might soon turn out to be simply another way to juxtapose the qualifier "social" to the private sector jargon, in order to avoid heated discussions on structural inequalities Grisolia and Ferragina, In order to guarantee universal coverage and universal social rights, however, the welfare state system cannot be managed with the logic of mere cost-effectiveness alone Grisolia and Ferragina, As such, the enhancement of "politically motivated policies under the pretence of budget cuts" can be particularly dangerous in its consequences for population health Kleinert and Horton, , p.

Social innovation per se might not be able to substantially tackle pressing social needs.


Rather, the all-innovating and self-empowering jargon currently in vogue might disguise a dangerous inattention to structural inequalities, adversely affecting health outcomes across the board, but especially of the poorest. Among the therapies prescribed by the neoliberal orthodoxy — liberalisation, deregulation, devolution, individual or group empowerment — social innovation might soon reveal itself as a convenient buzzword, an eclectic concept to dissimulate political choices, legitimated by the doctrine of budgetary constraints.

Academic research, blogs and websites feature social innovation, along with organizations working on the boundaries of research and practical action.

Topics include:. The US created an Office for Social Innovation in the White House, which is funding projects that combine public and private resources. This fund focuses on partnerships with charities, social enterprises, and business. In addition to pioneered efforts by institutions such as the Harvard Business School's Initiative on Social Enterprise launched [40] and Said Business School's Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship launched , [41] INSEAD [42] and other universities now offer short-term programs in Social Innovation, and a few such as Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge , and Goldsmiths, University of London [43] offer Masters courses dedicated entirely to the study of theory and practice in relation to social entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation's aim is to build best practices across business, civil society, policy and academia for a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world. In , the South Australian government, led by Premier and Social Inclusion Minister Mike Rann, embraced a ten-year social innovation strategy with big investments and a focus on reform in areas such as homelessness, school retention, mental health and disability services. The Common Ground [47] and Street to Home homelessness initiatives and the Australian Centre for Social Innovation [48] were established in Adelaide and many reforms trialed in South Australia have been adopted nationally throughout Australia.

Lin and Chen, in "The Impact of Societal and Social innovation: a case-based approach" have argued that social innovation's goal is to produce actions that are "socially valuable and good for many". In governance, its main role is to enhance and maximize the trust of citizens through active involvement in society, whether in the public or private sphere. Firstly, it is institutionalized through actors in the public and the private sectors , and secondly, it is executed with new tools available, specifically ICTs.

How To Craft The Ultimate Second Startup Pitch

Social Innovation, therefore, is increasingly seen as a process and a strategy to foster human development through solidarity, cooperation, and cultural diversity. A typical URBACT network would have ten cities working on a specific theme such as active inclusion or regenerating disadvantaged neighbourhoods. They examine good practice and then working through a local support group use the results to inform their local action plan. The Social Innovation Europe [59] initiative, funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, was set up to map social innovation at a European level, by creating a directory of grass-roots examples of social innovation from across the 27 member states.

The European Commission funded the SELUSI study between - that looked at over social ventures and examined how these insights can spark change and innovation at a much larger scale. It looked at business models of social ventures in five countries - UK being one of them — identifying which specific practices evolved by social ventures are particularly successful, and how and by whom — be it social enterprise, public sector body or mainstream business — they can be most effectively scaled-up. The European Commission has launched a new initiative project in under FP7 funding, with the aim to build a network of incubators for social innovation across regions and countries.

This network facilitates identification of social innovation examples and facilitates its scaling. The network is organised in a way to identify new models for scaling of social innovations across various geographical clusters in collaboration with each other, communicating the ideas, finding the tools and funds, developing business plans and models in order to promote the new promising ideas throughout Europe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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